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Autumn has officially come into its own, but not worth too tragic untimely death of the fly. This time of year is not without a kind of charm, to resist which is capable of unless a confirmed snob.

The cultural life of the Russian capital does not fade with the coming of September, and intense emotions autumn leisure can be a great alternative to hot summer adventures. About where to spend your free time, tell Dalit news.

Metro On Stage 2014

September Billboard replete with bright events, one of which is the festival Metro On Stage 2014 on Bolotnaya square in the capital.

It starts a few days ago – September 6 – and will be a wonderful gift to Muscovites on the city Day. The headliners of the festival are of the “Tarakany!” and Anacondaz.

The plans also fair young designers competition kicker and even teaching master classes on rock-n-roll and Boogie-woogie.


The festival ’personalities”, scheduled for September 6-7, will appeal to fans of expression in art, and for those who are fed up with the daily routine.

He will gather on the stage more than 1,000 representatives of Bohemia – actors, Directors, artists.

Dozens of theater companies will demonstrate their skills to the spectators, and the unusual installation will allow to plunge into amazing world of emotions. “personalities” will gather in the Russian capital for the third time in a row.

The highlight this year will be carnival workshops, theatrical parades and even a magnificent city made of cardboard.

“Pushkin cycle night”

September 27 cultural events in Moscow will offer the lovers of two-wheeled transport to ride on city streets, shrouded in autumn twilight.

This will happen during the festival ’s Pushkin cycle night”, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the debut of the classics in the journal “Herald of Europe”.

Under cover of night, the participants of the event will read favorite poems by Pushkin, will listen to the opinions of experts and enjoy the music in the format of galakonzert.


Festival «hopscotch”, held on the initiative of the children’s TV channel 2×2, spectators will gather in the Park ’s Sokolniki” September 7-8.

The organizers plan to involve several of the sites, which will be entertainment rides ’s Duel with Alexander Pushkin,”, “house of Cards”, “tyre Einstein” and others.

The Park will create a makeshift Alley artists. True lovers of animation will enjoy the best creations of contemporary Directors in the Antique theater.

the “Tree of Life”

Capital moviegoers 13 September festival invites “Tree of Life”, which promises to be an exciting festival of Russian cinema in the open air format.

The festival will introduce you to rare instances of world cinema and will give the opportunity to attend master classes given by young Directors.

«Golden Carousel”

Fans Melpomene this fall will not miss: the first festival of street theatres ’s Golden Carousel” is not far off. It will be held in Kolomna, Moscow region, with the participation of eminent Spanish team GrupoPuja and Brazilian troupe PiaFraus.

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