TOP 10 most fun holidays of the planet

Today hardly anyone not familiar with the popular Oktoberfest beer festival. However, looking in the travel calendar, you can find there a lot of unusual, bright, cheerful holidays. So, welcome, top-rated the most fun and awesome holidays for tourism.

Tomatina is the wild battle. But I am glad that the victims in the battles there, except for the scarlet tons of tomatoes. It is difficult to name the founder of this madness. However, Tomatina has truly become a national pastime and tradition of the Spaniards. The celebration is held from the distant 1945. It is held the last Wednesday of August in the town Bunol. About 3 dozen thousand inhabitants plotting bloody shooting tomatoes and insanely happy this entertainment.

2. Party “Full moon”

World famous Thai island of Koh Pha Ngan every year becomes the host of the party. According to the legend, a party in honor of the full moon organized in the 80’s. 10 of thousands of tourists from all over the world gather at the moon “party.”

Especially for art lovers art festival “Burning Man” in Nevada! This Grand event is an interactive game in which you have to survive in the wilderness. For 8 days you can meet the most insane human creations, sculptures in unimaginable robes, giant statues of unexpected materials and amazing people, rejoicing in life.

4. Songkran

Songkran is the New year in Thai, but rather a spiritual event, which is aimed at cleansing from sins of the past year. On this day, the Thais adopted “wet” all buckets, water guns and hoses. The main idea extravaganza is that the wetter a person, the happier you will pass the coming year.

5. Glastonbury music festival

The biggest British happening, taking place under the open sky. Three days lasts performance artists of all genres and ages. Glastonbury reminds free hippy festivals of the 70s. All profits from the concert goes to charitable work.

Holi – the spring festival of the Hindus, held every year and then pass the Songkran. Location – North India. The duration is 2 days. On the first day, except the burning of the Holika on the fire, nothing interesting will happen. And the next day people sprinkle each other with natural color and pour colored water on the street. From the point of view of medicine, osypanie powders of medicinal herbs strengthens the immune system and protects from ARI and ARI.

7. Race Bay to Breakers

San Francisco a run length of 12 km was in the Guinness Book of records for number of participants – more than 110,000 people. Every 3rd Sunday of may is a Grand by its size and shape the event. If you take part in the race, of course, you have to meet with representatives of sexual minorities and naturists, which is complete in California.

8. Australia Day

This day is celebrated exploration by Europeans of the Australian continent. Except for the holiday fireworks and parades, music festivals, you will enjoy typical for the inhabitants of the green continent BBQ and beer.

9. Queen’s Day

Queen’s day is the day of the coronation of the reigning Queen Beatrix, as well as memorial day mother Queen Juliana. Every year on this day in Amsterdam reigns festive mood and festive fireworks. Parades, performances of the best DJs of the world, street theatre, exhibitions and other entertainment activities.

10. Rodeo Calgary Stampede

Fans of cowboy games, welcome to ten-day Rodeo Calgary Stampede! Here gather nearly all the cowboys of the globe for the sake of showing his skill. Also and tourists come to watch this wildly entertaining show!

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