The Scenario of the anniversary of 80 years old woman

Anniversary eighty years in the life of a woman is a Grand event that turns the birthday into a legend regardless of whether she was famous, did a heroic act, or has created something outstanding. It is enough that she was able to live such a huge and, in any case, difficult life. We can now only guess how much it had happiness and losses, achievements and failures…

That is why on the day of the celebration you must show the utmost love, honor and tribute to the birthday girl, her long and amazing life.

Typically, the organization of festive events take on the hero of the day children, and numerous grandchildren and, in some cases, grandchildren.

The purpose of a good organization of the event, it is necessary to pay special attention to serving the dining room table and decoration of the main room, which is planned for the celebration. Eightieth birthday women can be arranged in the form of a nice meal in a warm family circle, and you can organize a fun party, is interesting not only for the older generation, but the youth who will come to congratulate beloved grandmother with such a significant event.

After all the guests gathered at the holiday table, the room is a leading .

Host: Good evening, dear guests! Hello, dear birthday girl (the name of the hero of the day)! Very glad to see you all at this festive table! And the occasion we have today is just wonderful – exactly eighty years ago, came to light this amazing woman, a loving mother, caring grandmother and great-grandmother (name of the birthday girl)! Let me first, on behalf of all participants, to congratulate you on this remarkable date, and wish you good health, happiness, family well-being and long life! Let your life consists only of warm, Sunny days, and the troubles and sorrows bypass your home party! Let’s raise our glasses for the happiness and health of our dear birthday girl.

Guests raise their glasses, sound toasts and short greetings .

Sounds like a verse from the song “See the shadow diagonally…”. At this time in the room making a large frame – the “TV” to scroll “film”, associated with major life events of the birthday girl.

Moderator: Distinguished guests, now we invite you to watch the entire film of a long and wonderful life of the hero of today’s anniversary.

Frames :

In September one of the cherished number,

Your birth is associated with it.

Was the girl you playful,

shy, funny, cute. (A children’s picture of the birthday girl.)

Since then it’s been seven years now

and schools you opened the door.

And here above you mom growth.

You – seventeen. You’re a teenager.

Thus, displays all the most important events in the life of the hero of the day.

Moderator: Dear friends! We intentionally missed one of the most important frames. The guest who correctly guessed this event, will receive a prize.

All participants are trying to figure out, listing the special moments of life.

Host: We all today, good sparing of words,

We hasten to congratulate you on the Anniversary day!

Guests take turns to congratulate the birthday girl, handed her gifts.

Moderator: Thank you, dear friends! For your sincere wishes, love, care and warmth! Very nice to hear in this day so many kind words.

And now I propose to hold a contest called “how Well do you know the celebrant” . For this you need to split into two equal teams. Each team and the birthday girl will receive a piece of paper on which is written the answers. The questions I ask. (Does the celebrant coffee, does the celebrant pancakes with cottage cheese, does the celebrant to sing songs, etc.) The answers of each team we will check the answers of the birthday girl. The award will be given to the team that will have the greatest number of matches.

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The Scenario of the anniversary of 80 years old woman
Anniversary eighty years in the life of a woman is a Grand event that turns the birthday into a legend regardless of whether she was famous, did a heroic act,…

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