The Most unusual holidays.

For those who love to travel will come in handy. Maybe just falls on the feast of tomatoes for example )))

1. Holiday naked men in the Japanese city of Inazawa.

Inazawa celebrate it with the 767 BC. In the temple of Konomiya going more than three thousand men at the age from 23 to 43 years old, dressed only in a loincloth and wearing wooden sandals. After purification ceremony men marching through the streets of the city, and its residents are trying to touch the participant of the procession, because it is believed that this touch brings luck for the whole year. Linked to this tradition with the fact that the alleged 767 BC through the streets of the city ran naked Shinto goddess of luck – and the townspeople, the whole year was lucky. Here’s inazawa and picked up the deity the idea of a holiday! The only bad thing: it takes place in February. It is not surprising that the participants ’s naked processions” drink liters of sake – this is a reliable way to keep warm.

2. The feast of Asses in Laguna Niguel, USA.

That hide during the feast of the Japanese, it appears, are willing to show the Americans. In Laguna Niguel, California, holiday parties, men and women line up in a row near the railroad and shows bare ass passing trains. And created this mess every second Saturday of July.

3. «La Tomatina” in Buñol, Spain.

At the end of August in the Spanish town of buñol unfolds the biggest battle of tomatoes in the world. To the feast prepared solid ammo – 125 tons of tomatoes. Starts «La Tomatina” from the barrage of water cannons, after which all participants begin to throw tomatoes at each other. However, for your own safety, “tomato warriors” strictly follow two rules:

  1. Rush tomatoes and only tomatoes.

2.Before you throw a tomato, crush it in your hand, so the opponent got injured.

After this fun-filled holiday in the city real flow streams of tomato juice.

4. Orange Battle in the Italian city of Ivrea.

The first such battle took place in the XII century, and since then the temperamental inhabitants of Ivrea annually colormatch each other with oranges. The participants of the battle are divided into nine teams, each of which tries to throw the enemy citrus. Beat the battle of the oranges is not an example more painful than tomatoes, so in neutral, holiday parties they throw. In order to emphasize the fact that you are a bystander, you want to wear a red cap. Otherwise there is a risk to earn a couple of bruises.

5. The festival of colors in new Delhi, India.

He is being held in the first two full moon of March is not just for fun, and to celebrate the arrival of spring and the rebirth of life. According to a Hindu legend, it was at this time was killed by the evil demon Holika. So in two March nights the Indians lit bonfires and celebrate the victory of life over death. And in the afternoon the Indians doused each other with water stirred in her paints, and become like a living rainbow. Is considered to be. the more colors “settled” in the clothes of a person, the more happiness he wish.

6. Songkran, the New year celebration in Thailand.

It is celebrated in April, from 13 to 19 the number. All six days of the festival, Thai people drench each other with water from buckets, hoses, water guns, plastic bottles, elephant trunks and from where you can collect some water. The best part of this holiday that soak (in the literal sense of the word) even the police! And nothing happens!

7. A celebration of cannabis in Amsterdam.

Every year in November in the capital of Netherlands enthusiasts “smack” from around the world. Any participant can smoke a couple of joints from different cannabis varieties, and the jury at this time selects the dankest weed. Most surprisingly, the Dutch coffeeshops seriously competing for the title of the institution with the best cannabis. Although “competitive” then apply for the money, many coffeeshops handing out the samples absolutely free.

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