The Most gorgeous fireworks festivals of the world

Show me one person on this planet who would not love festivals, shows, different views! Every year around the world held a variety of colorful and spectacular events, including the fireworks festivals. In this article, You will learn about the most luxurious and worthy of at least once to see their fabulous extravaganza of colour and sound, international arts festivals and fire.

Spain, Valencia, the Festival of lights Fallas, March

Winter Spanish escort that is called “fire”. The annual celebration in honour of St Joseph the Patron Saint of all defenseless occurs in several stages and starts with “mascleta” – festival of fireworks, when the whole of Valencia exploding firecrackers and other pyrotechnic articles of art. Completes the celebration of the solemn burning of giant puppets from papier-mache characters of fairy tales, parodies of stars, politicians and other public persons.

Scotland, Edinburgh, Edinburgh international festival, August

In August, the Edinburgh welcomes the world’s largest festival of performing arts. Theatrical performances, musical performances, plays, ballet and Opera amuse fans and admirers of this kind of events. Impressive fire show crowns this wonderful festival of music and acting. Thousands of spectators in the stadium Meadowbank Stadium with trepidation to see colorful pictures drawn by the lights of fireworks in the night sky of Scotland.

Malta, Valetta, international fireworks festival, April-may

For 10 years the people of Malta have the opportunity to enjoy luxurious colorful dance of fire. For two nights for an hour and a half the best creations of fireworks factories in Malta and other countries show that they are capable of. Enhance the effect of stunning music and a laser show

UK, London, the Festival on the Thames, September

Annually in September the banks of the Thames for two days to take guests on a public art festival. This “live” music, and all kinds of performances, and a parade of boats down the river. Night carnival and fireworks show complete series of events. The launch of fireworks comes with two specially barges arrived. Show short – only 10 minutes long, but very colorful and memorable.

Britain, guy Fawkes Night, November

Every year, on the night of 4 to 5 November, the British celebrate Bonfire Night or the night of the Fireworks. The failed “Gunpowder plot” of 1605, when rebels led by guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the houses of Parliament, formed the basis of this holiday. Across the country on this night the effigies of the rebels, and the British traditionally, firecrackers and tear trigger numerous fireworks.

Mexico, Tultepec, Castillos de Torre, March

Patron of Tultepec, fire and fireworks, Saint San Juan de Dios, a very revered by Mexicans. In his honor the best pyrotechnics whole week pamper residents with luxurious paintings I create lights in the night sky of the city. Impressive “the burning of the bulls”, or rather their shapes are stuffed with firecrackers and fireworks and explosions randomly moving over the area.

Japan, Miyajima, fireworks at sea, August

In Japan all the big and beautiful. And hour-long fireworks show, when over the sea waltz 7 colorful fiery paintings leave speechless even the most jaded connoisseurs of beauty.

South Korea, Seoul international fireworks festival, October

This is a luxurious and enchanting demonstration of the latest developments and achievements in pyrotechnic technology and art of firework. 55,000 fireworks decorate the sky of Seoul in mid-October under classical and modern pop music, followed by fire and laser show.

Russia and Ukraine also recently delighted their citizens international fireworks festivals. Kiyani hope that the festival will become a tradition, but the club suspended activities. It is believed that the necessary level of security has not yet been reached. I sincerely hope that this holiday will be able to return.

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