The Best carnivals of the world

Carnival is a celebration of transformation and fun! He beckons the atmosphere of joy and serenity, and spectacular parades of costumed people. February – the burden of carnivals, this travel portal  is the most exciting carnival in the world.

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio is the largest and most colorful in the world. This carnival is distinguished by its endless fun and dazzling colors. It attracts the attention of millions of audience participation in the many professional dancers best Samba schools of Brazil.


On the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago takes place the second largest carnival in the world. On the streets you can see different carnival characters such as donkey, rogues and demons. The carnival is held from the colonial period, when ordinary people in unusual costumes imitated their rulers.


The third largest Carnival of the world is celebrated in the old Spanish city on the Andalusian coast. A feature of the carnival: the rivalry of numerous small and large choirs. People wear costumes and masks that display well-known politicians and celebrities. Group of people in masks are often accompanied by musical instruments, they perform the tango and the Paso Doble.


“the carnival of Venice” is the most famous carnival in Italy. Squares and streets of the city are a large theatrical stage for people in authentic costumes and Venetian masks. The Venetians play in different role play, and it’s so easy, when the person under the mask!


The most unusual can rightly be considered the Basel carnival. In Protestant Basel carnival procession always takes place on Friday after a Catholic carnival. At 4 am starts “morning parade”. All Basel turns off the light, and then a huge number of participants of the carnival in masks and costumes with lanterns in their hands walking around the city.

Gran Canaria

Famous festivals are held in Las Palmas, Maspalomas, Agaete and Telde. The inhabitants of Gran Canaria have fun at the carnival under the accompaniment of a musical and dance groups. The peak of the carnival in the capital each year is the election of the Carnival Queen. Also worth a visit is spectacular costume parade “Gran Cabalgata” in Las Palmas.


In Russia, at the carnival have Carnival. The name “Carnival” comes from the word “oil” means Shrove week. On the eve of Great lent, people should not eat meat, but a week can eat dairy products such as butter and cheese. Carnival is currently a huge festival with carnival, a colorful parade and rides. With the burning dolls at the end of the carnival, the Russians are waiting for the warming weather.

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