The Best carnivals of the world

Every year rhythms Samba blow Rio. School this incendiary dance compete with each other. Each comes up with his song, sews costumes, choreography puts and platform builds. Suits must not only dazzle with their beauty, but also to meet the age and place of action of the selected plot.

The main law of the Brazilian carnival – to be naked! However, full nudity is forbidden, so viewers enjoy endless options of luxurious and often spicy costumes. View boldly Nude dancers produces on the audience just knock impression and power of the city of Rio just forced every year to be giving a few million condoms. But how else?

It is curious that on the whole week in the city, no one works. And despite the fact that the carnival lasts four days.

Venice carnival

Of course, this is one of the most famous carnivals in the world. The celebration lasts about two weeks. People in ancient robes filled with little streets and spacious squares. Music and wine flow like water. Theatres hold performances on the theme of carnival. In the old palaces of the city are masquerade balls for honorable public. Night streets lights bright colors of fireworks.

During the carnival you can safely mingle with the festive crowd and enjoy the beauty of the costumes and masks. By the way, buy fancy dress that for a few days will change your appearance, it is possible throughout the year.

Goan carnival

This festival is held in February each in the Indian state of Goa. His main slogan – eat, drink and be merry.

On the first day of the carnival residents of Goa wakes traditional Portuguese melody, which proclaims the beginning of the carnival. Colorful and noisy procession of tuples and painted cars passed through the main streets. These fancy chariots, singing and dancing ladies in period costume with guitars, throw confetti and sweets over the crowd of spectators.

Some of the more aggressive tuples. With them the youth throws in the spectators balls of chalk, flour, and sawdust, and pours colored water from the spray cap in tribute to Portuguese and Italian traditions to obidyatsya in the days of carnival, eggs and beans. All this continues until the evening, and as soon as it gets dark, the music and dance moves in the famous Goan clubs and on stage. The sky flashes of fireworks, and in restaurants and bars traditional Indian drink beer, fenny.

The carnival in Basel

The carnival in Basel (Switzerland) – one of the oldest in Europe. He is from the XIV century.

At four o’clock in the morning the city wakes up to a knocking drums and howling horns, then for a few minutes turn off the electricity, and in a moment the darkness is illuminated by the glow of thousands of lights. With this procession and carnival begins.

The participants can become members of a so-called click (carnival groups) that are pre-apply for participation in the presentation and must obtain permission of the Committee of the carnival.

The next day after lunch, the streets of Basel fill the characters in their original costumes and masks. The sounds of flutes and drums of more than 10 thousand people are passing on foot or in carts pulled by horses, introducing your carnival theme. They throw in standing along the road viewers confetti, hand out oranges, Mimosa flowers and various Souvenirs. Only in Basel during the carnival, it is customary to distribute leaflets pamphlets and caricatures of prominent political figures and local celebrities.

Jamaican carnival

Every third Sunday of April, Jamaica sings and dances. The center of the carnival – Kingston, capital of Jamaica, and its distinctive feature – music reggae and ska, which filled the sultry air of the West Indies.

Carnival activities in Jamaica last for almost 3 months. The main events of the festival are the numerous competitions in music, but there are traditional carnival entertainment – street parade.

There are adult and children fancy-dress parades. The parade of adults completes the carnival and takes place on a particular route from the town to Liguanea Park, where musical groups compete for the title of “group of the year”.

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