The Best carnivals of the world

The festive mood, the noise, the fun, bright outfits, dancing – all this is a fascinating show called carnival. Thousands of tourists from all over the world trying to get into those countries, in which at a certain time passes this event to enjoy an unforgettable celebration. Some of these countries, which will be shown in the example below, now famous for its beautiful carnivals.

The most beautiful carnivals of the world

Carnival of Venice – costume masquerade

Traditionally, the carnival of Venice lasts about two weeks. Its beginning on the date of the Catholic lent. Venice is gorgeous at any time of the year, but during carnival it is particularly beautiful. This annual festival attracts a lot of tourists who want to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the carnival, to become parties to the lively street processions, as well as to see the costume show.

Spanish carnival – enchanting holiday of the year

The duration of the solemn event about 3 weeks. The most famous carnival takes place in the city of Las Palmas. There are dance procession, conducted various competitions and performances. The main contest of the carnival is the choice of the Queen, which takes place in Park city.

Carnival in New Orleans – carnival Russian analogue

The famous Mardi Gras carnival held annually in New Orleans, in French it means “fat Tuesday”. After carnival Catholics celebrate lent.

During the carnival takes place at least one fancy dress parade on the day, which is attended by professional musicians. On-site, where there is a festival, taking carts, of which the crowd of people flying coins, toys and other small things. Each year there are costume balls, and numerous parties.

Rio de Janeiro – the Grand carnival

One of the most world famous carnivals is considered to be a Grand festival, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro. For several days the city is in the power of celebration and spectacle, all is subject to the contagious rhythms of music and dance.

Nice carnival – dancing, fun, confetti

French carnival is known worldwide for its fireworks, dancing and unbridled joy. Here is a unique Battle of Flowers, during which elected the most beautiful floral platform. What is happening here, it is difficult to describe in words – it was a magnificent and unforgettable show.

Cologne and Munich carnival – a festival with a long history

In these German cities carnivals start immediately after a frosty winter. People from morning to visit the Catholic Cathedral, and then starts the event, which includes the original costume show. It is noteworthy that the carnival begins women who dress up in witches. Through the streets of cities are moving entire columns of people, the procession is accompanied by cheerful music and bright confetti.

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is an exotic holiday

The carnival in this place begins with the fact that local residents choose the king and Queen of Calypso. Then here comes this musical show. Indispensable attributes of the festival are the drums, and a bottle of rum. The Grand event which begins Friday, will not leave indifferent any person.

Each of these carnivals has its own unique history, due to which it differs from all others. To visit these places during the holiday means to witness something fantastic and incredible in real life.

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