Summer program with animators for children’s party

Summer is a little life, the song of Oleg Mityaev. In the summer, more than ever, want to live every day so that he is remembered. To make the long winter evenings to remember those wonderful moments of joy that filled Sunny days.

Our children’s entertainers with pleasure and going out in nature, in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region! After the feast on the street, where you can freely run, play and have fun – with what incomparable pleasure! Enjoy the summer holiday program with supervised activities for children – a great gift for summer birthdays and for the holidays in summer camps and sanatoriums.

Especially popular summer programs

Treasure island – becomes extremely interesting this program, when the treasure hunt takes place in nature, and dive into the adventure story is the most complete. Read more…

Olympic stars – the program is very relevant in the summer. Competitions and games in the fresh air – in winter this can only dream of. And most importantly, sports props (balls, jump ropes, flying saucers, etc.) will make the day really fun, sport, the Olympic! Read more.

The Clown school is always interesting, both outdoors and indoors. This is the best master-classes for children magic tricks, twisting (simulation of air bubbles), the painting. pantomime and clowning. Organization fun-filled concert for guests. And memorable photo shoot. Read more…

Great Trip with Pippi Longstocking is a wonderful program in which fantasy intertwines with reality. Virtual to visit various parts of our planet, learn about the lives of people in different countries. A fun and active holiday. And, of course, no one will miss the great inventor of Pippi Longstocking! Read more…

Winx fairies or adventures on the planet Prazdnik – how nice charming Fairies on the green meadow. Program with the Fairies in the summer is a real treat for the eyes and soul. Sorcery and magic, familiarity with forest dwellers and more await children in exciting programs with the Fairies. Read more…

* Please note that we can tailor any program for summer holiday. And, of course, the guys can come animators in all images.

Tips to summer programs with animators for children’s party passed most successfully

Holiday program for children in nature with animators has its own characteristics. You must think in advance what to wear kids clothes and shoes should be comfortable because we will be a lot to play and run around.

If children’s party with the entertainers scheduled to be held outdoors away from home, there must be a place where children can rest or shelter from unexpected weather.

If you decided to book children’s entertainers for birthday or a holiday to the country, then please make sure that your Pets cannot injure children and children’s entertainers and not hurt themselves as a result of our active games. Also, please make sure that the area where you plan to spend the holiday, left garden tools and objects that could injure children playing.

Any premises where it is planned to hold a children’s party with entertainment in the summer, should be well ventilated. And it should not be drafty, even in the hottest weather. Drafts are very dangerous, especially for kids. Of course, for holding children’s holiday programs with animators in the summer, it is better suited rooms equipped with air conditioning, which should be located at a sufficient distance from the playing children, so the kids don’t catch cold.

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