Summer holidays and entertainment

Can anyone have a script, so no special training had to hold the ball. aga:

maybe this amiss, or at least have something to start from:

Flower festival

(for children of the senior group)

The presenters of the event – the children of the senior group dressed in costumes of flowers “carnations” and “Dahlia” (and other colors).

Course of the holiday

Carnation. Summer – the period of the most beautiful holidays. Fresh flowers filled our garden. Many of you guys came in clothing colors and brought flowers.

Dahlia. From the sky rainbow fell on the meadows,

In the garden the sun is playing, perked up all around,

And flowers and dew Shine gentle fire.

The children sing the song “Wreath” (music by G. Frid, words by N. Frenkel).


1. Here we now have a rosy summer

And calls on green space.

And the flowers, like a variegated carpet.

And take me with you.

Presenter (refers to the cornflower).

Pansy we all call.

Rose. For a subtle hint of dark petals

Call me the Queen of flowers.

Thorns the stem is all ready to chop,

Because there are no roses without thorns.

Lily of the valley. The sun is shining, whispering leaves,

In the meadow I’m alone

Under Bush, in the dewy grass,

Who are ringing Ding-Ding?

It’s Lily silver

Looking in the gentle blue.

The fragrant bell –

He rings – Ding Dong.

All the flowers (fun circling in the dance).

We have gathered and start the fun dance,

We sing a chorus of a song, blossoming meadow.

All sing the song “Smile” (music: V. Shainsky, words by M. Plackowska).

Children perform a dance “waltz of the flowers” (music by Shostakovich, composition of movements L. Feoktistova).

Involved 16 children. On their heads they had hats-flowers: 4 chamomile, 4 Mac, 4 Buttercup, 4 forget-me-nots (or other colors on request). In the hands of every child by two flowers, the same as on the head.

Children stand in a circle, alternating: Daisy – poppy – Buttercup – forget-me-not, etc.

1-2 bars. Listen.

3-4 bars. Put the sock on the right leg and simultaneously pull forward with your right hand with the flower, then (3rd quarter) returned to the starting position.

5-6th cycles. The same carry out the left leg with a simultaneous movement of the left arm.

7-10-th cycles. Whirl on the toes, raising his hands up with flowers, but turn around in a circle.

11-14-th cycles. Repeated movements 3-6 cycles, standing with his back to the circle.

15-18-th cycles. Children run away and form four circles (daisies, poppies, forget-me-not, Buttercup).

19-20-th cycles. Repeated movements 3-6 cycles in small circles.

21-26-th cycles. Freely run around the room and stopped, turning to face the audience.

27-33-th cycles. Shake hands (right – left), gradually raising them higher and at the same time springing on his feet. At the end of the 33rd cycle stopped and crossed his arms over his head.

Leading. Guys, how well do you know colors? But we’ll see.

Another game is for you

I read poetry now,

I’ll start and you finish,

Together in unison answer.

The Golden mean and the beams go around

It may be the picture: the sun in the blue sky?

No, not the sun on a piece of paper,

Meadow flowers… (chamomile).

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