Summer holiday good cheer

Moderator: Guys, look how nice circle what it is today, good weather, fun in the sun! And do not arrange for us today is a holiday, and we’ll call it a day good mood!

Hear sneezing coughing, Parsley appears.

Presenter: Who in such warm weather, sick?

Parsley: Hello, children! I am cheerful Parsley!

I’m a real, live, not a toy

Here you go, I go, Atlantis Princess, I call.

We with the Princess walked, chest of joy to be found.

Suddenly on the edge of a fairytale we met an old lady.

And she shouted: I do Not like joy, love and fun!

You will not get a holiday and a good mood!

Here’s Baba Yaga us and bewitched – I have a cold, and Nesmeyana it was gone, No sound it utters. Let’s knock at her door in the tower and you will see for yourself.

Parsley is coming to the house, knocking appears Nesmeyana, did not answer.

Parsley: Hello, Nesmeyana. Ah, silence..

Guys! I seem to come up the Nesmeyanov will help articulatory charge and she’ll talk. Let’s make it happen together!

As the Bruin bear growls in the bushes? (Rrrrrr)

As the train iron on the rails speeding? (Chug chug chug)

Stopped, the steam releases (Psssssssh)

As the Raven sings songs? (CT. )

As a watch knock (tick tock)

As hungry mouse (PI PI PI )

As the wind blows out? (Uuuuuuuu)

And as the dog barks? (Woof)

Princess Nesmeyana: Here and gone witchcraft Baba Yaga, all the sounds came back to me, you helped me become!

Now so as not to get bored, want a happy dance to see!

Merry dance with Parsley and Atlantis.

Parsley leaves and arrives excited with a magic chest.

Parsley: Guys! Chest our spoiled! all some bubbles covered, It’s Baba Yaga bewitched him.

Nesmeyana: I know a magic tool! This is a fun bubbles! We now arrange a contest of who can blow bubbles and our trunk will again be full of fun and joy!

The contest “Who will inflate soap bubbles”

Nesmeyana quietly cleans the scenery of the box, while the kids blow bubbles.

Nesmeyana: Look, guys, our chest again as beautiful as before! Let’s have a round of applause!

Appears Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga: Help! Robbed! What a forest! Chest with 5 minutes left and no!

Nesmeyana: Baba Yaga this chest we took with Parsley to give children a good mood.

Baba Yaga: But you still can’t outsmart me! Do you know where your Parsley? And here and there its because your Parsley I turned into a rattle! Here is a look as rings, as if to say something he wants!

Nesmeyana: Baba Yaga, we will fulfill your mission, just give us back the Parsley!

Baba Yaga: Oh well, let’s see how you cope!

The first task: Transcribe my puzzles:

Baba Yaga shows puzzles, children guess.

Second task: Solve my “turncoats”

The snow melts, flowing Creek, on the branches full of doctors (rooks).

Blue sea in front of us, flying t-shirts (seagulls) over the waves.

In a clearing a forest has grown tooth (oak) young.

We have collected cornflowers, on the heads of us puppies (wreaths).

Well, guys, here is your third task: comply me some good summer song.

The children perform the song “Summer”.

Baba Yaga: okay, guys, I understand that you are so smart, kind, funny that even my spell you don’t Podlesny. Return I and chest and Parsley. Well, I have to go into the woods I still have a lot to do. And to Rattle back turned to the Parsley you guys should loudly clapping hands!

Appears Parsley.

Parsley: here I am!Thanks for saving me guys! And to us it’s time to learn what is in this box of joy.

Parsley and Nesmeyana handing out treats.

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