Speaking of carnivals

More recently, fate gave me a gift and brought me into a wonderful place – Venice. In great time – during the famous Venice carnival.

I walked for hours in the famous Venetian squares, where he played countless theatrical performances. Fed brazen pigeons near the Doge’s Palace. Jostled among the motley crowd consisting of people in incredible costumes. And thought: what exactly is the point, metaphysical or even sacred essence of the phenomenon of the carnival.

Observing the behavior of various carnival characters, I drew several conclusions, I don’t know whether they are true.

Firstly, the meaning of all this phantasmagoria of disguise and napalovanie on masks is, apparently, in the eternal search for human prescription, mechanism, method of instant change, the transformation of their destiny. Who among us does not dream to have instant method of transforming Cinderellas into princesses, beggars in the oligarchs, ordinary businessmen in the Deputy Prime Ministers on energy. And here, at the carnival, everything is possible, everything is instantly achievable.

You walk into the dressing room of a nondescript citizen of a poor country, and come out two minutes later by Napoleon’s great General of the French Empire. Or the opposite: you come known CIS oligarch, hunted almost half of the prosecutors of Europe, and come out nobody famous Dutch pasana times of Rembrandt.

Secondly, fancy clothes and masks is a unique defense mechanism for those who want to tell the truth. I am sure that Andersen was a trifle hasty when he wrote in his tale that the townspeople shouted: “the King is naked!” No, citizens do not know how to shout such things. For the ordinary citizen could shout anything against not only their king, but also of some of the mayor or the mayor , it is necessary for him first to wear the mask of a clown.

Realizing these simple things, I think, understood childishly uncomplicated and even touching the essence of any carnival. So with a light heart he returned to his native Ukraine to take part in a huge, now the Ukrainian carnival called Parliamentary elections.

Now I am without condemnation, but on the contrary, with easy forgiving smile look, for example, touching on the efforts of the “Women for future” and the other “women”, I do not know how many of them there registered. Now I can lovingly to wag their finger and say: “Mask, the mask, and yet I know not only who you are, but for what you are.”

Once I formulated my personal postulate: the man, entering into politics, leaving behind its threshold principles, and a woman, entering into politics, leaving behind its threshold your gender. Looking touching on “Inok”, I guess what these “party-mask”. And they need only to pull on a sexless, cold and onrussia faces of our homegrown businesswoman touching faces a sort of virtuous, direct, “huseinovich” hohlweg-rasmusen-klopotek. It really is so naive that even touching.

Also touching me our masks of “bunnies”, “boys-kralicek” and other environmentally friendly small animals, which are quite specific toothy guys that easily rip the fangs not only green Brussels sprouts, but even the strongest of Zaporizhzhya steel.

And when I saw my friend Sasha Rzhavsky, strode solemnly in the mask Yushchenko and even started speaking also suddenly tongue-tied, I swear I almost died with laughter.

Carnival! Carnival! Fun in full swing! But there is still balls, fighting, drunken carnival fights and fights. Wonderful!

There is really only one danger. It is in paragraph two. I.e. that someone pulled on the mask of a clown, suddenly I’ll tell the truth. All!

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