South Korea: Spring flower festivals

Beginning spring – a traditional time for numerous festivals . dedicated to flowers and nature awakening after a long winter sleep. Cherry, plum, flowers sansuu and many other plants bloom, filling the air with fragrance my fragrance and delighting others a riot of colors. From March to may all those who are planning to take a trip on the ferry to Korea . will be able to see all the beauty of Korean nature and immerse yourself in floral fantasy. And, of course, the main flower these festivals become tender cherry, contemplation in which the flowering period is an integral part of Korean culture.

The blossom festival Royal cherry blossoms in Jeju island

Date: 8-10 April.

Place: island of Jeju, Jeju city, the area of National well-being.

At this festival You can enjoy views of the C of Betania Korean cherry and uplifting music. The festival offers a “Solemn procession in honor of the beginning of spring” and the closing day of the festival the audience will enjoy a spectacular firework display.

The festival ’s Canhange” in Jinhae

Date: 1-10 April.

Location: province of Gyeongsangnam-do, city of Jinhae.

View 350 thousand flowering cherry trees planted along the naval Academy, the channel Juachon and train station Kinhwa, amazes with its magnificence. Festival guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch the parade in honor of the legendary Korean Admiral Yi sun sin. During the festival the city is traditionally runs a special bus that takes everyone to the most picturesque places.

The spring festival of colors at Yeouido

Date: April 13-17.

Location: Yeouido island.

Every year in April on the island of Yeouido, where the most famous alley of cherry trees in Seoul . festival opens spring color V. In this place there are about 1 400 cherries that every spring pleasing to the eye with its lush blooms. At this time, the alley behind the building of the National Assembly looks like a magical flower tunnel. During the festival, held street performances and an exhibition of various decorations made of flowers.

The blossom festival rape in Jeju island

Date: April 14-16.

Place: island of Jeju, Seogwipo city, the parish Phase-Myung, a village of kasi-ri, the road Roxanne and mount Tarakan.

The blossom festival rape on Cheju about every year attracts a lot of viewers and is one of the most famous festivals held on the island. The festival is planned mass rallies and bike race on the road Roxanne, on either side of which is 10 kilometers stretch of picturesque fields of rape.

The cherry blossom festival at lake Chanpong

Date: 15-17 April.

Location: province of chungcheongbuk, jecheon city, district cultural heritage Chumphon, cultural village Jecheon.

There are thousands of cherry trees, whose age exceeds 25 years. They are planted along the road that stretches along the shore of lake Chanpong 13 kilometers. On cherry street concerts, shows, magicians and dance parade. Here you can taste traditional Korean tea, sweets and other dishes prepared with herbs.

13th festival of butterflies in Camphene

This unusual festival is held on the territory of 33 square kilometers in the County Hampen. Arriving here in late April or early may You will be able to see an abundance of butterflies which flit from flower to flower in the fields, where it grows rape. In addition, the festival hosts performances, music concerts where you can listen to traditional Korean music . as well as special events for children.

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