Sign of autumn: festivals every weekend

Festive events for every taste and age

Residents and visitors were able to buy unique works by local artists, to the accompaniment of cheerful Ukrainian songs

Fourth far Eastern Sorochinskaya fair was held in Vladivostok. On one Sunday of the Admiral’s square turned into a place where everyone could touch the Ukrainian culture and even take its part.

The organizer of the fair was organized by the administration of Vladivostok, a major role in organizing this brilliant event was played by the Ukrainian cultural center “Turtledove”.

Sorochinskaya fair is known since the NINETEENTH century, – said the Deputy mayor Natalia Maltseva. And we are very pleased that today the administration of Vladivostok thanks to the cooperation with the Ukrainian center of folk culture manages to create such platforms and to hold such events.

In the framework of the Sorochyntsi fair took place not only exhibition and sale of Handicrafts, but also master classes on their manufacture, as well as folk arts festival “Nightingale song”.

On the upper floor Admiralty Park residents waiting for the master of arts and crafts with their goods, and at the bottom the residents of Vladivostok were able to see performances of creative collectives. In addition to artists from Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Lesozavodsk and Artem the program was attended by guests from Khabarovsk – folk choir “Mriya”.

– What is happening on this event can be called the development of Ukrainian folk art in the far East, – has told to the correspondent “In” the film Sorochinskaya fair Elena Cupcake. In “Nightingale song” attended by the representatives of Ukrainian culture. For example, this year one of the participants of the festival was the woman who moved from the Ukraine, she came from Kramatorsk to mom. She has a lovely voice, she’s a great presenter. And in General the stars we have a lot in no small measure due to the fact that Ukrainian culture is very rich.

As reported by Elena Kupchanko, center of “Dove” makes a lot of effort to make Ukrainian culture in the far East were preserved and popularized. As if to confirm her words, the audience literally brought down the applause on who just finished performing artists and presented them with flowers. In General the performances of all teams found a lively response from the audience. Guests danced along with the performers and sang along with every song.

The aim of the organizers was to attract more people interested organizations, and to implement it this year was a success, – said Elena Cupcake. – I liked the most.

The correspondent of “In” was on the top platform of the fair and talked with the masters.

– For sale for fairs I make hats, scarves, mittens, different Souvenirs, – said Elena Fadeeva from the city administration, master on felt. – This work is in demand. People come here for training, we conduct master classes. That everyone can use: for people new knowledge, for the artisans an opportunity to show yourself, and to compete with other masters. Are contests the best works of the master classes. You can get a diploma is not just a competitor and a winner. When organized does not just fair – came with their goods, stood, traded a bit, namely event-driven event with a concert and creative program, we, the masters, such fairs select in the first place. It is prestigious to have a degree in such fairs, and interesting – you can communicate with colleagues. I participate in fairs for a long time, almost monthly visit up to four of these events, and I can say that Sorochyntsi fair in Vladivostok organized at a very high level.

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