Resort Gribovka

To Wake up to the shrill chirping of birds and measured the rustle of the waves. To see the sunrise, gentle dip in the clear water. Bask in the sun, basking in the embrace of pure velvet sand. With unconcealed delight to run along the shore, rejoicing the soul and just bringing smiles to others. Take shelter in the shade of spreading trees and breathing in the aroma of ripe fruit, enjoy the freshness of the salty sea and the heat of summer. And finally, spend the day, enjoying the charm of the sunset, when the sea meets the sky in a whimsical color palette and the palette of feelings. Here in Gribovka, romance and each has its own, however, is surprisingly beneficial atmosphere common to all.

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About Gribovka

The resort Gribovka is actively developed and is ready to offer its guests all the best that is on the black sea coast.

Sea air, clean warm water, warm sun make an invaluable contribution to the health of travelers. Even a week at this wonderful resort will ensure good health for a long time. Pleased to Gribovka come with the kids to give them a good rest and gain strength, families and friends. For each friendly Gribovka, each of the hotels and resorts.

To date, the resort has a huge number of hotels — more than fifty. They are in different price categories, so you can choose the stay can afford and desire. In addition to rooms in the main building, there is a small comfortable houses, suitable for a romantic week-ends.

The local nature is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye from early spring to late autumn. Thick green trees, the glassy surface of the sea, clean waters, gold Sands beach — all this creates a wonderful atmosphere of unity with nature and gives the opportunity to relax and find a good mood.

For outdoor activities we offer for rent catamarans, boats, scooters. Almost the entire coast has attractions for both large and small. Many databases have children’s playgrounds.

Is Gribovka thirty miles from Odessa, and you can get there easily by public transport or private car. For motorists provides good secured Parking.

Gribovka is the optimal ratio of price and quality of services provided

In Gribovka is possible to fall in love

From Odessa to Gribovka can be reached by car, Shuttle van, taxi

Despite its relative youth, the resort Gribovka today has a well-developed infrastructure. In addition to comfortable rooms and numerous houses, Gribovka offers vacationers a whole entertainment industry. Here and Luna Park, playgrounds, night clubs and discos, restaurants and cafes, karaoke bars, Billiards, beach rides, catamarans, scooters, and, of course excursions, both on land and by sea. And year by year this list grows, because the resort to develop!

The holiday season in Gribovka starts in may and ends in late September. This means that you have no less than five long months to give yourself and your family an unforgettable holiday in a unique place!

Rest in Gribovka remember. Once visiting this resort, will want to come back here again and plunge into the atmosphere of celebration, fun, a real vacation in the warm Black sea.

How to get to Gribovka:

from Odessa (Privoz Bus station) on route taxi №86 “Odessa – Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy”.

from Odessa (Large) by route taxi № 601 “Odessa-Karolino-Bugaz”.

from Odessa (Railway station) train “Odessa-Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy”, stop 41 km

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