Project Calve Festival delicious experience

for the first time in the history of Ekaterinburg city residents saw such an unusual holiday. Because the product which was the subject of the festival, is also unusual! It was “fun” Calve ketchup, which gives pleasure and good mood! And the citizens of this city we see this everywhere – on the streets, in shops, in movies. And then there was the Festival “Mood Calve-ketchup”! And it was a real gift to the city! The gift of which I remembered, the repetition of which I was waiting for…

And here in 2005 in 4 RUSSIAN CITIES, a FESTIVAL of DELICIOUS experience CALVE, which was dedicated not only to the ketchup, and the entire product line Calve! We are convinced that it was the MOST UNUSUAL FESTIVAL IN RUSSIA.

The name and slogan:



An UNUSUAL JOURNEY through countries and flavors of the world right in your town!

New user Experience :

new unusual experience

new unusual atmosphere

new bright emotions

Unusual promo ( Street ):

Innovative idea promo on the streets: the FESTIVAL ITSELF “COMES” TO the CONSUMER.

Suddenly in public places in the city there were people that were immediately sentenced everyone’s attention. These were:

3 fun booth with a window for the tasting of the product (such booths are always selling tickets for excursions). Booths were accompanied by:

the man with the megaphone, who cheerfully invited everyone to take an extraordinary journey through the countries right here and now! Without visas and passports!

the man with the megaphone was potentsiala group of 10 people, which performed national dances 4 countries

15 promoters actively distributing invitations to the festival and talked about the holiday.

-What country would you like to travel?

– In Brazil

In this case, help yourself to ketchup “Calve spicy Brazilian” and come to Calve Festival delicious experience!

Innovative idea promo in stores:

-not the consumer goes to the computation and the COMPUTATION ITSELF COMES TO CONSUMER(mobile layout)

-TASTING of SALES PROMOTION: 2 bar code from any packages Calve at the festival can be exchanged for a souvenir

Advertising campaign :


Billboards 3*6: 30

City formats: 40

Pilars: 10

Banners: 10

Advertising IN the media: (media sponsors)

TV: 1 channel*30 outputs (within 10 days)

Radio: station 1*30 outputs (within 10 days)

Press: 1 newspaper/magazine*1 output (module 300cm)

An Unusual Festival:



songs and dances

contests and prizes

the draw for the family tour to Italy


4 sectors of the national cuisine of France, Italy, Brazil, Russia


Magnet on the refrigerator for 2 bar code from any package Calve


National contests with prizes

Training of national dances

Learning a foreign language

Tasting of national cuisine

Photos attractions and other countries

PR coverage of the project:


Attracting media partners:1 newspaper/magazine, 1 TV, 1 radio in each city

Working with the media in the press centre

Work with journalists at the festival

As a result of active work with mass media was able to provide FREE of charge:

More than 300 outlets in the media

The opportunity cost of outputs: more 700 000 rubles.


Coverage of the promotional and advertising campaign: 70% of the population

90% of informed about the festival they were interested

The festival was attended by more than 10,000 people in each city

93% of visitors gave a rating of “very much” and “liked”

PR: 300 exits, alternative cost more than 700, 000.

MARKETING RESULTS (among the visitors of the festival):

Growing awareness about versions: up to 20%

Increase “plan to buy” 30%

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