The Best carnivals of the world

Carnival is a celebration of transformation and fun! He beckons the atmosphere of joy and serenity, and spectacular parades of costumed people. February – the burden of carnivals, this travel portal  is the most exciting carnival in the world.

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio is the largest and most colorful in the world. This carnival is distinguished by its endless fun and dazzling colors. It attracts the attention of millions of audience participation in the many professional dancers best Samba schools of Brazil.


On the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago takes place the second largest carnival in the world. On the streets you can see different carnival characters such as donkey, rogues and demons. The carnival is held from the colonial period, when ordinary people in unusual costumes imitated their rulers.


The third largest Carnival of the world is celebrated in the old Spanish city on the Andalusian coast. A feature of the carnival: the rivalry of numerous small and large choirs. People wear costumes and masks that display well-known politicians and celebrities. Group of people in masks are often accompanied by musical Continue reading

Festival “Autumn”

24-25 November at the contemporary arts Center (the former cinema “Surf”) the first part of the International multimedia festival “Autumn #”, dedicated to the latest trends in art and the diversity of contemporary media art.

“Autumn #” – another project Charitable Foundation, Sergey Kuryokhin and younger brother of the legendary “SKIFa”, also focused on new names in the world of experimental art.

However, “# Autumn” bet is placed on the study of the phenomenon of the interaction of culture with modern technology, so the emphasis was on electronic music and video art.

Unfortunately, widely announced the long-awaited arrival of Peter Greenaway to the festival was not held. Famous film Director and theorist of cinema was to speak with his project-NoTV: “VJ Tulse Luper Tour” as a video artist, but, following Greenaway, many other artists, who wanted to come to the festival to including and chat with live classic, refused to participate in the “# Autumn” (for example, contrary to all expectations, did not take place the presentation of the multimedia guru Karl Bartos (ex-“Kraftwerk”) with the project “Dance Cinema”).

The headliner of the first day of the festival was made by a German project, Ron Schneider, “Rraumagent Alpha”, which plays the catchy funk-techno. After the speech the day before (in the group “Mediengruppe Continue reading

Daylilies Childrens Festiva

Daylilies Childrens Festival (childrens Festival) – tiny, unassuming sort of daylilies. Flowers salmon-pink with yellow throat. The small flower diameter 12 cm Blooms in late June and blooms for 35-40 days. If the autumn is warm may re-bloom in September. Flowers excellent for cutting. The flowers have a delicate fragrance. Each individual flower blooms for only one day. But it’s even unnoticed, because the flowers daily follow each other. Sturdy flower stalks rise above the Bush. On each peduncle, simultaneously bloom 1-3 flower. In late summer-early fall may re-bloom, but the flowers are formed much less. Shrub – dry durable, height 45-50cm and a width of 30 cm.

Leaves radical, bright, juicy, narrow. Bush gives the garden a special decorative effect throughout the season. In winter, the leaves die off. Daylilies can be attributed to the group, the most undemanding perennials. The main and most important task is the cultivation of daylilies, this is the right fit. Adult Bush daylily forms 20 – 30 peduncles, which in turn bloom on 15 – 20 flowers.

Day-Lily – loves sun, only there because its flowers will show itself in all its glory (but light shade will also work). During the drought need irrigation. After flowering you need to cut all the stalks. Continue reading

The Scenario of the anniversary of 80 years old woman

Anniversary eighty years in the life of a woman is a Grand event that turns the birthday into a legend regardless of whether she was famous, did a heroic act, or has created something outstanding. It is enough that she was able to live such a huge and, in any case, difficult life. We can now only guess how much it had happiness and losses, achievements and failures…

That is why on the day of the celebration you must show the utmost love, honor and tribute to the birthday girl, her long and amazing life.

Typically, the organization of festive events take on the hero of the day children, and numerous grandchildren and, in some cases, grandchildren.

The purpose of a good organization of the event, it is necessary to pay special attention to serving the dining room table and decoration of the main room, which is planned for the celebration. Eightieth birthday women can be arranged in the form of a nice meal in a warm family circle, and you can organize a fun party, is interesting not only for the older generation, but the youth who will come to congratulate beloved grandmother with such a significant event.

After all the guests gathered at the holiday Continue reading

Project Calve Festival delicious experience

for the first time in the history of Ekaterinburg city residents saw such an unusual holiday. Because the product which was the subject of the festival, is also unusual! It was “fun” Calve ketchup, which gives pleasure and good mood! And the citizens of this city we see this everywhere – on the streets, in shops, in movies. And then there was the Festival “Mood Calve-ketchup”! And it was a real gift to the city! The gift of which I remembered, the repetition of which I was waiting for…

And here in 2005 in 4 RUSSIAN CITIES, a FESTIVAL of DELICIOUS experience CALVE, which was dedicated not only to the ketchup, and the entire product line Calve! We are convinced that it was the MOST UNUSUAL FESTIVAL IN RUSSIA.

The name and slogan:



An UNUSUAL JOURNEY through countries and flavors of the world right in your town!

New user Experience :

new unusual experience

new unusual atmosphere Continue reading

Resort Gribovka
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Autumn Festivals
Creative Association "Triumph", LTD. "Galileo", travel company Sun Way Travel together to the magistrate of the city of Prague. international project Czech court and the International Academy of Rehabilitation and…

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The Most gorgeous fireworks festivals of the world
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