Myths and celebrations of Iran

For many millennia from mouth to mouth went the ancient myths and legends. Perhaps to you they may seem like an invention. But ancient Iranians believed that all this happened actually.


Once the king of Hushang went hunting in the desert. While hunting, he suddenly saw a black poisonous snake that was heading in his direction. Hushang not confused and thrown into a snake the first thing that caught him by the arm — the black stone (flint). The snake went away. And Hushang noticed that from hitting stones on the other stones came the spark that ignited the dry grass and twigs. So the king of Hushang solved the mystery of the fire and told people about it.

Since that time the inhabitants of the Iranian deserts, especially the provinces of Yazd and Kerman, celebrate the Festival of lights, keeping the ancient tradition and supporting the “eternal flame” Hushenga.


It was in ancient times when the king of Turan Afrosiab broke in Mazandaran (North of Iran) Iranian troops of king Manuchehr. To keep the Turanians in Iran, Manouchehr made with Afrocuba agreement that one of the Iranian soldiers, climbing mount Damavand, will release in the sky arrow. Where the arrow will fall, and there will be the boundary between Iran and Turan. Afrosiab agreed, believing that the arrow cannot fly away.

But at dawn the next day Arash the Archer climbed to the top of the highest rock, drew the bow and released the arrow. He put his whole soul, full of love for his native land. Immediately after the shot he fell and died because he gave this arrow all his strength. Two days arrow flew through the sky and fell to the ground far from the Iranian lands near the river Amu Darya, which became the border between Iran and Turan.

Since then, in the summer month the feast day of shooting Tiregan — in memory of the victory of the Iranians over the Turanians and the arrow of Arash the Archer.


The name of the Iranian New year means “New day”. This is the biggest day of the year, opening the Iranian calendar. He is associated with the vernal equinox and the onset of spring in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth is awakening from the dream of nature.

It is the most joyful holiday of all Iranians, which is always fun. All give each other gifts and go for a visit. The holiday lasts for two weeks, during which the majority of Iranians traveling on its huge and beautiful country.

Celebrated not only in Iran but also in many neighbouring States. Because this holiday is called “brightly shining torch that indicates the boundaries of Ancient Iran”. Its rays for thousands of years it can be used to examine every inch of Iranian land.

Throughout Central Asia in the hearts of the residents of Dushanbe, Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Tehran, Isfahan, Ganja, Baku, Nakhichevan, Diyarbakir, Ahwaz, Soleimani, Kirkuk and many other areas and regions with the start of the holidays there is joy and hope for the future.


Tombs of the Persian kings carved in the rocks. Most of them are located in the mountain village Nagse-Rustam.

In Ancient Persia the upper part of the columns and pillars were decorated with figures of mythical creatures — Griffin, which was considered a symbol of Imperial authority and power.

In the ancient Persian rulers had many informants. They visited satrapy (province), and after reported all that he saw. They were called “the eyes of the king.”

Rhyton is a drinking vessel in the shape of a horn. In Ancient Persia craftsmen made very beautiful gold and silver rhytons, decorated with the heads of a Griffin or a lion.

On the reliefs of Persepolis a lot of images of cypress. Its painted like a tree a conical shape with symmetrically arranged branches.

“Immortal” was a special army consisted of 10,000 Persian soldiers. They were so called, because the number of this army never waned. If one of the soldiers was killed or wounded in battle, it was immediately replaced with another.

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