Most unusual festivals in the world

Very often, trying to put a reproach to a large number of holidays in the country. Why are only the new year holidays! Today all jealous we can confidently say that stitched the holidays is important and understandable, because in some countries there are far more strange, sometimes shocking occasions for merriment. Perhaps some unusual celebrations of the world will suit your taste, and you will want to participate in them personally!

One of the most beautiful and symbolic holidays – the day of summer solstice celebrated at Stonehenge . Wiltshire, UK. Surely you’ve heard about these mysterious stones of enormous size, whose origin is still unknown. In , the UK authorities has enabled everyone to accommodate these giants, and to stay the night on June 21. Now every year at this time and no other tourists are allowed to touch the stones. All night in the neighborhood beat drums, sing songs, and this universal ritual is completed only with the dawn.

In General the British are not so restrained and Prim, as we used to think. No wonder they invented the world championship of mugs . what takes place in the English town of Egremont. They say that this holiday has a long tradition and originated in 1297. Every September in Egremont competing come from all over the world. The undisputed champion of the competition – Peter Jackson, who received the honorary title of “the scariest face” and even pulled out all of his teeth to make it easier to build a grimace.

A great reason to pokadotted and pococurante – a celebration of chickens . what is held in the state of Nebraska. The site of action is the city of Wayne, residents and guests which pay tribute to the residents of the coops. Men dressed in costumes of the chickens and unified systems pass through the city to the main square, which features a large roost. The most enjoyable part of the holiday, which I would have liked feathered hens – eating championship Buffalo wings.

If you love to eat out, then surely you liking and Pizzafest – a celebration of pizza, which takes place in Naples. A traditional dish of Italy were regularly celebrated since 1995. This festival attracts the best chefs making pizza (piccalo) to prove their skills and to prepare delicious pizza.

Rather oddly expressed love for cheese residents of Coopers hill, which is located in England. It is a picturesque and beautiful place on the last Monday of may is turning into an arena of competition in races with cheese . The rules of these races are quite clear and simple: the signal round head cheese descends down the slope, and the participants ran after her. The winner is the one who first manages to overtake the “quick” cheese.

Some like a more delicious treat than the cheese. For example, in the city of Throckmorton, in the USA, is the world Cup ’s Mountain oysters” . Surprisingly, the oysters here are not in sight. The thing is, in the slang of local people “mountain oysters” – they’re bull testicles. The competing task – to prepare this delicacy. The jury evaluates not only the taste but also the kind of dish, how it is decorated and served at the table.

I think you need a lot of courage to eat bull testicles? How about participating in a Japanese festival naked . This tradition dates back to 767 year. Since then, about three thousand men each year undergo a rite of purification in the temple. After that, the participants of the festival, dressed only in loincloths, marches through the streets, welcoming passers-by. Recently, trying to touch the almost naked men, as it is believed that this type of contact will protect you from harm and misfortune.

Much less sacred is the significance of the feast of the Demonstration naked buttocks . held in Laguna Niguel, USA. Hundreds of people gather every second Saturday of July, near the railroad tracks with one goal – to show bare ass train passengers passing by. The authorities are unable to fight the urge residents and visitors to the city to demonstrate their buttocks and limited only by the fact that forbade the participants to consume alcohol and publicly urinate all day demonstration.

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