Most popular beer festivals in the world

How many beer festivals and beer festivals not only invented, so once again enjoy the taste of your favorite Beers! Worldwide there are a large number of such enterprises, their are so many to speak about it without end. Therefore, we will restrict ourselves only to the most famous and popular beer festivals .

Beer festival Munich Oktoberfest

The most important festival in the world is, of course, the Munich Oktoberfest, which, incidentally, is celebrated at the same time in other countries. The most interesting is the fact that it is celebrated from mid-September to early October, despite the name. The duration is approximately 16 days. In all that time, millions of guests have time to drink more than 10 million pints of beer ( 1 pint – 0,57 l).

Oktoberfest beer festival

The history of the festival dates back to 1810, where the first festival was held without beer, only horse racing and fair. Since all this took place in Bavaria, Munich brewers quickly found out, and, beer lovers, they quickly spread the idea, however, made one small adjustment – beer. Now Oktoberfest is held under the tents in ten giant beer “tent” in the heart of the holiday area. To take place there is only allowed Munich brewers.

Constater Folkfest

Residents of Stuttgart, in turn, organized a similar festival called Constater Folkfest, which is considered second in the world after Oktoberfest. He also has his own story. in 1818 Queen Catherine and king William Wurttembergische made a feast for his people after the plague. In our days during the festival you can see a large number of tents that offer beer, which, incidentally, is the product of the best Breweries in the country.

Beer festival constater Folkfest

Great British beer festival

Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) — as said by the organizers, the festival represents the “biggest pub in the world” . Every year it brought more than 350 varieties of British real Ales, 60 varieties of Perry and an incredible number of varieties of bottled beer. Here you can see and wheat, and ginger beer, and beer with spices. Beer from everywhere.

It’s a real festival. You can hear everything from rock to classical music, and for children there is a room with clowns and rides. It is not without competition. here I declare the best beer in Britain.

The great beer festival in Denver

The festival, which is the number of Beers is not inferior to the British. May even be superior. Here beer lovers can roam, because if you believe the Guinness Book of records, it is in Denver at this time, you can find the largest selection of Beers. And indeed it is – in festival will take part more than three hundred beer companies . The duration of the festival to three days, but this does not prevent him to collect more than twenty thousand visitors from all over America.

The Belgian beer weekend

And five of the most famous festivals of the world completes the Belgian beer weekend . Beer is one of the things without which it would be impossible to represent Belgium. Along with him only Manekepis (Manneken Pis) – by the way, jeanneke Pis also exists, although not even all the people of Brussels are aware of this – Bruges and famous Belgian chocolate. Beer is culture, it is a relaxing drink at the end of a hard day. The number of produced and consumed beer Belgium in the list of one of the first countries in Europe. In Brussels is the international court of Beers, Antwerp is the largest specialized market, where transactions are made by the sale of malting barley and malt. Not surprising that Belgium hosts many beer festivals . among which it is worth to mention the Belgian beer weekend, which takes place in Brussels from the sixth to the eighth of September.

How many more to try, so many places still to visit! Everything is in your hands, and remember. most respect among the regulars of any beer festival is the one who in all his life tried no less than a thousand varieties of beer!

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