Menu for birthday

Menu for birthday need to make in advance. Otherwise before the party you’ll have plenty to spoil your nerves and might be wasteful to spend the money. It is best to allocate a few nights to think about and menu planning than before my birthday to be evil from the disorganization of the process, and during the celebration with all your tired and annoyed view to show the guests, so they probably went home. Well, what does — it’s time to make the menu for my birthday!

It must be remembered that whose birthday would have not had to mark, the hosts of the celebration needs to look good. to be rested and to welcome guests. First of all, I suggest that you determine the format of the feast — depends on the nature and constituent parts of the menu.

Here are the most common variants of the celebration:

Banquet in the restaurant.

A catering service.

Departure on the nature.

A celebration at home.

With a Banquet in the restaurant everything is clear — will arrange everything for You, cook and clean up. Catering service suggests that you should Express your wishes to plan menus and organizing feasts. Take a closer look at option # 3 and # 4.

The outing is characterized by the fact that the menu for the birthday will enter the so-called “sociable” dishes. Outdoors you can enjoy all the barbecue, to cook kettle goulash. pilaf, steaks on the coals. As great snacks would serve as a simple vegetable that each guest cuts himself — it should not to be shared salad — it is a pity that the vegetables were dripping! Before the main course is very appropriate to apply cold salted lard with onions. For such a case it is possible to bake cakes, buns ,



These products are convenient because they don’t want to cut, and simply twist off the individual pellets or pieces. Menu planning will come down to determining what kind of dish will be prepared. On this basis we make a list of necessary products. Don’t forget about the bread ( if not we will bake something yourself), ketchup, vegetables, spices, drinks, napkins, utensils.

When organizing a holiday table for my birthday at home — menu prepared, guided by such tactics:

If we want to cook a hearty hot main dish, as appetizers selectable light salads and don’t fool yourself head complex and numerous dishes. For dessert, submit a simple homemade cake or ice cream that you can prepare in advance. Choosing alcoholic beverages prefer quality wines from small family wineries. Anyway — only buy good alcohol and in moderation. This format is suitable for “adult” birthday.

In the case of cooking a varied buffet of appetizers and salads second hot dish may be absent. For dessert it would be appropriate to file a and piece of fruit cake. For youth parties — just what you need! Young love to dance and have fun, and plentiful food is not conducive to outdoor activities.

Snacks in the form of canapés, salads and sandwiches are good for a children’s birthday party. For the kids is to prepare beautiful and delicious, but not very fat cake, fruit or berry pie. Don’t forget about soft drinks. Better — own cooking. Homemade juices, fruit drinks, milkshakes and fruit drinks — will fit just right!

Choosing the dishes for the menu for the day of birth are guided by the principle that they should:

be suitable for the occasion

it is possible to prepare in advance

they can be prepared in several stages

some preparations that can be delegated to members of the household (for example, peeling potatoes, to churn the cream, cut the ingredients for the salad, slice the bread)

A list of suitable foods that will help you to make the menu for celebrating birth.

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Menu for birthday
Menu for birthday need to make in advance. Otherwise before the party you'll have plenty to spoil your nerves and might be wasteful to spend the money. It is best…

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