Festivals and holidays in South Korea

Korea lives in the Gregorian calendar, but traditional holidays are celebrated according to lunar.

In mid-January – the feast of the snow on mount Halla (Jeju-do). The end of January – beginning of February – the feast of Sol (non-working day) is a celebration of the New year according to the lunar calendar. It is one of two major holidays in Korea, celebrated on the first day of the first lunar month. Koreans visit your Kohan. all gather with their families, young people ceremoniously congratulates senior receiving in return small gifts, often money. Early in the morning held a ceremony devoted to the ancestors, consisting of a series of greetings in front of the altar with food, then lunch and visit relatives. The holiday is accompanied by dancing and folk games, visiting the graves of their ancestors and other ceremonies. At this time, the Koreans take a vacation for a few days, and many commercial enterprises will be closed. At the end of January in Hwachon (Gangwon province) is a Festival of the mountain trout Hwachon. Another fish festival – a feast of fish-boats the Inja. It runs from 2 to 15 February on lake Sancho area Namen.

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Holiday from everywhere spike

long ago on the planet Mars men lived. Their civilization was highly developed. They were hardworking, honest and fair. They worked all day and at night retired to their caves. Sometimes it happens that one of them became ill, and he’s long gone to his cave. And to anybody and in a head could not come to get in there and harass him, because everyone knows that time will pass and everything will work itself out. Then he leaves the cave and start again everyday things. So men lived on the planet Mars, and they liked that kind of life.

Millions of kilometers away from Mars was a planet called Venus, and inhabited this planet woman. They lived peacefully and quietly. In the evenings we gathered together and sang long songs on the Venusian language. Sometimes it happened that some of the women became ill. And then others came to her, they sat together, talked, sang, and after a while she felt better. So the women lived on the planet Venus, and they liked that kind of life.

Once the civilization of Mars has reached such heights that could build a spaceship, and some of the men went into space. After a while one of the stars turned into a spot, then the ball, and, finally, into a planet. It was Venus. Men realized that the planet is inhabited by intelligent Continue reading

Project Calve Festival delicious experience

for the first time in the history of Ekaterinburg city residents saw such an unusual holiday. Because the product which was the subject of the festival, is also unusual! It was “fun” Calve ketchup, which gives pleasure and good mood! And the citizens of this city we see this everywhere – on the streets, in shops, in movies. And then there was the Festival “Mood Calve-ketchup”! And it was a real gift to the city! The gift of which I remembered, the repetition of which I was waiting for…

And here in 2005 in 4 RUSSIAN CITIES, a FESTIVAL of DELICIOUS experience CALVE, which was dedicated not only to the ketchup, and the entire product line Calve! We are convinced that it was the MOST UNUSUAL FESTIVAL IN RUSSIA.

The name and slogan:



An UNUSUAL JOURNEY through countries and flavors of the world right in your town!

New user Experience :

new unusual experience

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Brazilian carnival
Carnival was held in Salvador, capital of Bahia, and was quickly spread the holiday atmosphere throughout Brazil. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro gave the symbolic keys of the city…

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Holidays of the peoples of the world.
Today's carnivals-the favorite holidays of many Nations, living in different countries and on different continents. It came from the Latin word "carrus navalis", which means "amusing chariot", that is, the…

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Myths and celebrations of Iran
For many millennia from mouth to mouth went the ancient myths and legends. Perhaps to you they may seem like an invention. But ancient Iranians believed that all this happened…

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