European gastronomic festivals

Beer in Munich, lobster in Spain, or wine in France? Guide to culinary holidays in Europe.

Long want to visit Europe, but can’t find a decent reason? Of course, the Old world is beautiful for its unforgettable history and architecture – but it’s so corny… For those who want to European vacation were really “delicious” is not superfluous to familiarize with the list of European cities that are famous for their culinary festivals and holidays! Particularly relevant gastronomic journey will be now, when every little bit famous the city is hosting a special celebration, associated with the end of the agricultural season in the region, harvesting and tasting the fruit.

So, foodies Belarus, do not lose time in vain, and unite and go to Europe in the fall to not only please the eyes and the stomach!

Definitely the most “common” and popular European culinary holiday European autumn – famous “Оktoberfest” in Germany. Every year about six million fans of German beer and sausages concerted series go to Munich to join this amazing event. According to statistics, during the celebration of the drink about 600 million liters of beer, eaten 600 thousand Continue reading

Menu for birthday

Menu for birthday need to make in advance. Otherwise before the party you’ll have plenty to spoil your nerves and might be wasteful to spend the money. It is best to allocate a few nights to think about and menu planning than before my birthday to be evil from the disorganization of the process, and during the celebration with all your tired and annoyed view to show the guests, so they probably went home. Well, what does — it’s time to make the menu for my birthday!

It must be remembered that whose birthday would have not had to mark, the hosts of the celebration needs to look good. to be rested and to welcome guests. First of all, I suggest that you determine the format of the feast — depends on the nature and constituent parts of the menu.

Here are the most common variants of the celebration:

Banquet in the restaurant.

A catering service.

Departure on the nature.

A celebration at home.

With a Banquet in the restaurant everything is clear — will arrange everything for You, cook and clean up. Catering service suggests that you should Express your wishes to plan menus and organizing feasts. Take a closer look at option # 3 and # 4.

The outing is characterized by the fact that Continue reading

Summer program with animators for children’s party

Summer is a little life, the song of Oleg Mityaev. In the summer, more than ever, want to live every day so that he is remembered. To make the long winter evenings to remember those wonderful moments of joy that filled Sunny days.

Our children’s entertainers with pleasure and going out in nature, in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region! After the feast on the street, where you can freely run, play and have fun – with what incomparable pleasure! Enjoy the summer holiday program with supervised activities for children – a great gift for summer birthdays and for the holidays in summer camps and sanatoriums.

Especially popular summer programs

Treasure island – becomes extremely interesting this program, when the treasure hunt takes place in nature, and dive into the adventure story is the most complete. Read more…

Olympic stars – the program is very relevant in the summer. Competitions and games in the fresh air – in winter this can only dream of. And most importantly, sports props (balls, jump ropes, flying saucers, etc.) will make the day really fun, sport, the Olympic! Read more.

The Clown school is always interesting, both outdoors Continue reading

Summer holiday good cheer
Moderator: Guys, look how nice circle what it is today, good weather, fun in the sun! And do not arrange for us today is a holiday, and we'll call it…

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South Korea: Spring flower festivals
Beginning spring – a traditional time for numerous festivals . dedicated to flowers and nature awakening after a long winter sleep. Cherry, plum, flowers sansuu and many other plants bloom,…

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Summer holiday good cheer
Moderator: Guys, look how nice circle what it is today, good weather, fun in the sun! And do not arrange for us today is a holiday, and we'll call it…

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