Festival “Autumn”

24-25 November at the contemporary arts Center (the former cinema “Surf”) the first part of the International multimedia festival “Autumn #”, dedicated to the latest trends in art and the diversity of contemporary media art.

“Autumn #” – another project Charitable Foundation, Sergey Kuryokhin and younger brother of the legendary “SKIFa”, also focused on new names in the world of experimental art.

However, “# Autumn” bet is placed on the study of the phenomenon of the interaction of culture with modern technology, so the emphasis was on electronic music and video art.

Unfortunately, widely announced the long-awaited arrival of Peter Greenaway to the festival was not held. Famous film Director and theorist of cinema was to speak with his project-NoTV: “VJ Tulse Luper Tour” as a video artist, but, following Greenaway, many other artists, who wanted to come to the festival to including and chat with live classic, refused to participate in the “# Autumn” (for example, contrary to all expectations, did not take place the presentation of the multimedia guru Karl Bartos (ex-“Kraftwerk”) with the project “Dance Cinema”).

The headliner of the first day of the festival was made by a German project, Ron Schneider, “Rraumagent Alpha”, which plays the catchy funk-techno. After the speech the day before (in the group “Mediengruppe Continue reading

The Best carnivals of the world

Every year rhythms Samba blow Rio. School this incendiary dance compete with each other. Each comes up with his song, sews costumes, choreography puts and platform builds. Suits must not only dazzle with their beauty, but also to meet the age and place of action of the selected plot.

The main law of the Brazilian carnival – to be naked! However, full nudity is forbidden, so viewers enjoy endless options of luxurious and often spicy costumes. View boldly Nude dancers produces on the audience just knock impression and power of the city of Rio just forced every year to be giving a few million condoms. But how else?

It is curious that on the whole week in the city, no one works. And despite the fact that the carnival lasts four days.

Venice carnival

Of course, this is one of the most famous carnivals in the world. The celebration lasts about two weeks. People in ancient robes filled with little streets and spacious squares. Music and wine flow like water. Theatres hold performances on the theme of carnival. In the old palaces of the city are masquerade balls for honorable public. Night streets lights bright colors of fireworks.

During the carnival you can safely mingle with the festive crowd and enjoy the beauty of the costumes and masks. By the way, buy fancy dress that Continue reading

Festival “Southern Soul festival”
Already renowned European festival “Southern Soul festival” will be held, for the second time, from 26 to 29 June in Ulcinj. Within four days of the festival, in the club…

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Summer program with animators for children's party
Summer is a little life, the song of Oleg Mityaev. In the summer, more than ever, want to live every day so that he is remembered. To make the long…

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South Korea: Spring flower festivals
Beginning spring – a traditional time for numerous festivals . dedicated to flowers and nature awakening after a long winter sleep. Cherry, plum, flowers sansuu and many other plants bloom,…

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