Summer program with animators for children’s party

Summer is a little life, the song of Oleg Mityaev. In the summer, more than ever, want to live every day so that he is remembered. To make the long winter evenings to remember those wonderful moments of joy that filled Sunny days.

Our children’s entertainers with pleasure and going out in nature, in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region! After the feast on the street, where you can freely run, play and have fun – with what incomparable pleasure! Enjoy the summer holiday program with supervised activities for children – a great gift for summer birthdays and for the holidays in summer camps and sanatoriums.

Especially popular summer programs

Treasure island – becomes extremely interesting this program, when the treasure hunt takes place in nature, and dive into the adventure story is the most complete. Read more…

Olympic stars – the program is very relevant in the summer. Competitions and games in the fresh air – in winter this can only dream of. And most importantly, sports props (balls, jump ropes, flying saucers, etc.) will make the day really fun, sport, the Olympic! Read more.

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Festival “Dnipropetrovsk autumn”

From 14 to 22 September in the premises of the CDC Dnepropress (Dnepropetrovsk, Ermolova str., 35) hosted the second international chess festival “Dnipropetrovsk autumn” to the memory of grandmaster S. A. Frost. The organizer of the festival was the Dnepropetrovsk regional Federation of chess.

In four tournaments of the festival was attended by nearly 400 participants from 8 countries. Among the participants of major tournaments – 16 international grandmasters and as many international artists. The chief justice of the festival Oleg Tochigi (Kyiv) noted that the festival is the biggest chess event in Ukraine in the current year. The qualification structure, and the age range of participants was very wide – from toddlers to five-year gray-haired veterans, from beginners to grandmasters and masters. All the tournaments of the festival saw an intense battle for cash prizes, and only the last round put winners on the field.

In the women’s grandmaster tournament the strongest girls fought for the implementation of the norms of international master and international grandmaster. In it was confidently Continue reading

Dance show this spring from the brightest and most positive dance studios
Good tradition for the Studio of modern dance "CityDance" and the Studio school of Arabic dance Vlada Malik began to mark the end of the season spectacular dance show at…

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Unusual carnivals
The most bizarre festivals. People love to celebrate different events in their lives. Mass celebrations turn into the real festivals. However, some people choose a very unusual reasons for their…

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Holidays and customs of Austria
the Austrians are a hospitable people, despite visible vysokomernoj. The explanation is that the population of Austria, and especially large cities, are originating from bourgeois families. However, the Austrians are…

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