South Korea: Spring flower festivals

Beginning spring – a traditional time for numerous festivals . dedicated to flowers and nature awakening after a long winter sleep. Cherry, plum, flowers sansuu and many other plants bloom, filling the air with fragrance my fragrance and delighting others a riot of colors. From March to may all those who are planning to take a trip on the ferry to Korea . will be able to see all the beauty of Korean nature and immerse yourself in floral fantasy. And, of course, the main flower these festivals become tender cherry, contemplation in which the flowering period is an integral part of Korean culture.

The blossom festival Royal cherry blossoms in Jeju island

Date: 8-10 April.

Place: island of Jeju, Jeju city, the area of National well-being.

At this festival You can enjoy views of the C of Betania Korean cherry and uplifting music. The festival offers a “Solemn procession in honor of the beginning of spring” and the closing day of the festival the audience will enjoy a spectacular firework display.

The festival ’s Canhange” in Jinhae

Date: 1-10 April.

Location: province of Gyeongsangnam-do, city of Jinhae.

View 350 thousand flowering cherry trees planted along the naval Continue reading

Daylilies Childrens Festiva

Daylilies Childrens Festival (childrens Festival) – tiny, unassuming sort of daylilies. Flowers salmon-pink with yellow throat. The small flower diameter 12 cm Blooms in late June and blooms for 35-40 days. If the autumn is warm may re-bloom in September. Flowers excellent for cutting. The flowers have a delicate fragrance. Each individual flower blooms for only one day. But it’s even unnoticed, because the flowers daily follow each other. Sturdy flower stalks rise above the Bush. On each peduncle, simultaneously bloom 1-3 flower. In late summer-early fall may re-bloom, but the flowers are formed much less. Shrub – dry durable, height 45-50cm and a width of 30 cm.

Leaves radical, bright, juicy, narrow. Bush gives the garden a special decorative effect throughout the season. In winter, the leaves die off. Daylilies can be attributed to the group, the most undemanding perennials. The main and most important task is the cultivation of daylilies, this is the right fit. Adult Bush daylily forms 20 – 30 peduncles, which in turn bloom on 15 – 20 flowers.

Day-Lily – loves sun, only there because its flowers will show itself in all its glory (but light shade will also work). During the drought need irrigation. After flowering you need to cut all the stalks. Continue reading

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