In San Sebastian opened the 59th international film festival

As at other important festivals here recently replaced the Director. The new name is Jose Luis Rebordinos, and this is the first festival, prepared under his direct supervision. It is too early to draw far-reaching conclusions, but it’s striking several characteristic nuances.

The opening was held on the highest technological level: the stage was equipped with several screens and monitors, with such depth and colour saturation of the picture would be impossible in any 3D. San Sebastian — one of the best festivals of the world on technical equipment and organization, and new leadership was again demonstrated.

Still here focus on Hispanic cinema which occupies a good half of the program. In the second half is dominated by American and French films, meet English and even German. But practically there is no such country as Italy, and Eastern Europe generally brilliant missing. To Russia, the festival has taken an indifference, that this year there is nothing neither in competition nor in parallel information programs — or “Elena” by Andrei Zvyagintsev and “Faust” by Alexander Sokurov. The impression that the new Director has narrowed the already limited geography of the festival, while strengthening local accent: films from the Basque Country in addition to nationally oriented programs Zinemira presented in the main competition and in a special display.

At the opening of the public submitted the jury headed Thor McDormand, actress Cohen brothers and the wife of the eldest of them, and also the pioneer of the French “new wave” 83-year-old agnès Varda, who opened a retrospective of her late husband Jacques demy. The poster shows a young pregnant heroine Catherine Deneuve from “umbrellas of Cherbourg”, under the umbrella as a sign of solidarity appeared and one of the leading the ceremony. Umbrellas, by the way, are popular in San Sebastian, where exactly on the opening day of the festival started the rainy season. Your correspondent was awarded the Grand-Prix FIPRESCI for best film of the year: vote 200 critics from around the world, he was awarded the “Tree of life” Terrence Malick. American colleague Jonathan Rosenbaum presented the jury of the program “New Directors”.

Shows one of the first in the competition, “Amen,” Kim Ki-Duk has caused the first rush, and then the mixed feeling was reflected in the applause and whistling. Korean Director to scandals not used to. Shoots in the beginning two or three films a year and supplying them to all the major festivals, he suddenly fell silent and resentful incomprehension, withdrew from the world. And just four months ago returned to Cannes with the docudrama “Arirang”, in which he took a video of his solitary life. Binge drinking dirty heel and a heart-breaking song that breaks out of the mouth: very few people would dare to show himself in this form. Courage is appreciated. Encouraged by the award of the section “UN certain regard”, Kim Ki-Duk was delayed in France and rented a new picture — she’s just ripe to San Sebastian.

“Amen” — a road movie in search of his beloved Europe moves a young Korean woman, probably a ballerina. It follows on the heels of a monster in the mask: the night train he lulls her, robs cleaned and sexually uses, then returns the stolen part and begs to have his baby. The story is almost without words, and the soundtrack filled with the shrill noises of the modern city, be it Paris, Avignon or Venice (the route of the heroine). In one of the last scenes under the mask you can see grizzled forelock Kim Ki-Duk. But if anyone in the film and is the alter ego of the author, that is, of course, the girl. And the monster in the mask — Europe. She lured, fertilized, bewitched and deceived the Director — doubtless with the best intentions.

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