Holidays of the peoples of the world.

Today’s carnivals-the favorite holidays of many Nations, living in different countries and on different continents. It came from the Latin word “carrus navalis”, which means “amusing chariot”, that is, the ship festive processions.

The origin of carnivals in Western Europe is most often associated with the middle ages, because in that time they received an unusually noisy and vivid expression. But in the Renaissance, the carnival turned into a luxurious event, during which froze the entire business life of the city. Residents poured into the streets and partied all day and night. Everywhere rode a beautiful wagon with the mummers, which portrayed the seasons, the heroes of ancient mythology, merchants, traders and savages. There were jesters, flirting with passersby.

The birthplace of the carnival is considered to be Italy. The main hero of Italian carnivals becomes “king”, sedately seated on the wagon. It was surrounded by popular characters – the characters of the Italian Commedia Dell’arte: a crowd favorite harlequin, arrogant liar and a coward Captain, guileless love, stupid and miserly merchant Pantalone, Dodger and humorist Brighella, Flirty Columbine, irrepressible Pulcinella and many others.

Especially famous Venetian carnivals . the first mention of which dates to the late 11th century. But the greatest prosperity and popularity they achieved in the 16th century.

Equally popular and famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro. In the city of dreams is now 350 years is, perhaps, the most noisy and colourful carnival in the world. The preparation for it begins long before the vote. 16 national Samba schools prepare a song, Amateur poets and composers compose verses and music, and then begin rehearsals of dancers and singers, produced a final rhythm and coherence about five thousand votes. Pre-sewn costumes, created intricate decorations…

The parade lasts for four days. It begins on Saturday at six o’clock in the evening and ends Sunday morning. The jury can not sleep. It is meticulously evaluates sets, costumes and, of course, the skill of performing Samba or modern Lambada.

What costumes will see here! Jesuses in fake beards and white with glittering wings, the statue of Liberty with electric torches with batteries, Mickey mouse, a fabulous monster, hot dancers-mulattos who prefer “eve”. Hats sometimes reach 10 to 13 pounds and according to the rules they can not be removed until the completion of the carnival procession. Painted wagons and platforms, lighting and pyrotechnic tricks-all designed for external effect. Blend of Indian, Portuguese and Negro traditions reflected in the Brazilian carnival. Fabulous outfits with rhythmically swaying in time to the music pheasant feathers amaze spectators.

In the USA, in Las Vegas, in the Empire of gambling and luxury also hosts the famous carnival parades. Smiling radiantly blond beauty, represent copies of Marilyn Monroe in short skirts carefully hit drum sticks, choosing a ceremonial March. Mechanical giants, the one-armed pirates, Keane-congas, actors, circus performers, accompanied by the police, through the streets of the city.

Mountain Switzerland loves carnival celebrations. Here in February burn effigy of Winter and arrange “the parade of witches,” and in March you will be greeted by the sounds of flutes and white carnival of ghosts.

In Spain – their traditions of carnival. The most striking takes place in Valencia. It is possible to see the famous parade of dolls- “fallens”, which represents scenes from Greek mythology and modern life politicians.

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