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“That was Maslenitsa. The long-awaited traditional personal and, I think, in the future family. The same tradition is giving thanks after the holiday, and this will do. Catch!

Thank you to those who have spent years to find the strength to live not only for yourself and to do the miracle for thousands of people. Those who are looking for a suitable place, those steps amerivet the clearing and draws a card, those who invent, those who bring in backpacks all the necessary who builds, cuts, cuts, sculpts, carves, hangs, digging, tight, sews, sets, colors. Nights sitting at the computer and on the phone, calculates, programs, calls, respond to letters and applications to solve a variety of organizational issues. Those who are behind all this work do not forget about the joke, the smile, the song and kind words. To say happy birthday, for example, does not forget. Thanks, Rozhdestvensky, for the confidence and the joy of being with you, I love you!

Thank you to the volunteers for their kind and live letter, it was nice to read and parse, for your sincere desire to help and a real invaluable assistance in the construction of the snowy town. Waiting for you soon in this year and in the future! (by the Way, already the 1st of March – maid).

Thank you to all those who provided security in the Meadow – a man in uniform, on duty. Thanks for your vigilance, for peace, for something that took on this burden at a time until everything was out. Congratulations to you, dear defenders!

Thanks to the doctors for a glass of ice water and stories about getting in the face of the ball! (the Players thank you broke my nose, although he had all the chances. No offense, itself substituted.)

Thank you to the garrison pancake fortress. I know, in the evening you fell down, but never narychala scurrying on and mesocricetus me. Thanks and low bow to you!

Thanks costumed, who stood at the Gate, for the warm and friendly company, smiles, drying, music and ditties about Tanya with a ball thrown by the rabbit and the bear-disabled!

Thanks to everyone who made up ditties on the footpath. And to those who wrote the first two lines, and those who are on the go do not bother to write a sequel. You are really determined to start your day as folklore and fun. Listening was a pleasure. All who are prepared to enter the Glade, who was clearly dressed, who learned the songs, recited poems, danced, screamed, egegik, sang Desena (Yes, the French came to spend endless Russian winter) laughed, do not forget the house of a smile, drying and candy – all of you great guys! way to go, without you, the spring would not have started!

Everyone who starts a game and the dance, who sang, played, danced, surrounded by Tabor (Gypsies gorgeous!) – cheers! You did a holiday celebration.

Uuuf continue. Thanks to those who rocked, held, embraced, were not allowed to fall, tucked, pulled, pushed, stopped. Thank you for your brief, but very important and necessary support!

Thank you men for bubovice (and a special thank you to the author of this word and the ringleader of fun). I didn’t fly last time, the whole year felt that not enough airiness. Now – enough, thank you! Since I fell for you from the deck. You know, a millisecond of free fall and hit (upadana) in your hands is a very, very cool!

The adrenaline was pumping, thanks to the army of winter and personally to his commander-in-chief, which allowed me to stay in the castle during the storm. Indescribable! the Truth hurts and it’s already thanks to the stormtroopers of the Voivode. The snow was wet and heavy, I got it, but I, breaking the half-minute panic of despair and horror, straightened to his full height and took part in the defense. Can be proud of yourself. Actually, thank you, spring, thanks to you I won the winter in itself, but the bruises heal!

Thank you (with names I have a problem, give another reason to make fun of it) to the Grandfather of candy for a walk barefoot. Arm in such a cavalier and I without candy ready to walk, a healthy lifestyle to bupropiondiet!

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