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What dishes on our holiday table traditionally occupy one of leading places and like everyone? Well, of course, this is a festive salad from year to year, each family prepares, and has its own proven recipes for delicious festive salad for the holiday table, which surprise guests. Recipes for every day and festive recipes are always different and therefore every woman is looking for interesting new recipes to prepare salads for the holiday table that do not do every day. And not necessarily to cook something complicated, there are lots of easy recipes that will turn out delicious specialties. It is these new, lightweight and holiday recipes we prepared in this set, and thanks to step-by-step photo cooking these recipes will be a force even the most inexperienced cook.

Someone will say – that’s nothing, why so Excel and prepare special holiday meals, look for new salad recipes for your festive table with your photo and choose sophisticated options festive salads. After all, you can take the easy route and prepare simple delicious salads, recipes that have long been tested and the time, and taste. But long gone are the time when at the festive table were “Olivier” and “Mimosa”, which have now become commonplace meals and today you can see many interesting recipes, where festive salads with photos appear real works of culinary art. A new fashion trend in the formation of the list of holiday recipes – cooking light meals. After all, many now adhere to proper nutrition, and holidays in this are no exception. On the festive table should also be as light meals.

And as for modern Housewives on store shelves this expanse, and to choose the ingredients for a delicious holiday recipes from the real diversity. Popular salads were delicious festive buffet with tuna and arugula, which are just filled with freshness and good, because they are very light – they are seasoned with olive oil and add interesting tomatoes. This is a new separate category, which includes festive salads, recipes which suggest a light dressing with olive oil and lemon juice. Such an easy holiday dish is wonderful served in a hot season, they perfectly preserve all their flavour and aroma with a dressing of olive oil. At our site you will find many new and interesting salads for those who like easy diet meals, and your table will decorate delicious holiday salads, photos, and detailed recipes which you can find on our website. The preparation of such light culinary masterpieces is a true delight.

But there is another no less interesting category of festive recipes, and the recipes for your festive table, dressed with mayonnaise. They have become classics of our modern cuisine and no meal is complete without that the owner is not prepared delicious salads on the holiday table, the pictures of which we have collected in section C of the basic recipes. And it’s not just the usual festive salads with grapes and pomegranate, we have collected the most original and interesting holiday salads recipes with photos which will pleasantly surprise you. This festive recipes with shrimp and other seafood, as well as interesting recipes with fish, recipes with meat and recipes with exotic fruits. In General, all the new, delicious and interesting from the world of cookery and holiday meals we have collected for you in our delicious section where you will find salad recipes for all holidays with photos and detailed descriptions. Preparation for our recipes – the case easy and fun.

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