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long ago on the planet Mars men lived. Their civilization was highly developed. They were hardworking, honest and fair. They worked all day and at night retired to their caves. Sometimes it happens that one of them became ill, and he’s long gone to his cave. And to anybody and in a head could not come to get in there and harass him, because everyone knows that time will pass and everything will work itself out. Then he leaves the cave and start again everyday things. So men lived on the planet Mars, and they liked that kind of life.

Millions of kilometers away from Mars was a planet called Venus, and inhabited this planet woman. They lived peacefully and quietly. In the evenings we gathered together and sang long songs on the Venusian language. Sometimes it happened that some of the women became ill. And then others came to her, they sat together, talked, sang, and after a while she felt better. So the women lived on the planet Venus, and they liked that kind of life.

Once the civilization of Mars has reached such heights that could build a spaceship, and some of the men went into space. After a while one of the stars turned into a spot, then the ball, and, finally, into a planet. It was Venus. Men realized that the planet is inhabited by intelligent beings, and tried to make contact. The women liked men very much. Women reacted to intruders warily, they are not immediately they liked women. But it took a while and everything was fine.

It turned out that the two civilizations have something to share with each other. Some of the men remained on Venus, and some of the women flew to Mars. Men dug on Venus their caves and started living there, and when one of them became ill, he would visit there. It seemed very strange women, but they knew that they were representatives of different planets, and each planet has its own customs and laws and they must accept and respect. Men too much that was not clear in women, many things seemed strange and wrong. But they knew that the inhabitants of different planets their laws and if you can’t understand them, you just have to accept them. With such knowledge, they lived peacefully and well.

And then one day, they decided to build a big spaceship and go into space. The expedition was long in the making, on Board the spaceship had a lot of men and women. But when they refused in space, as often happens when a man and a woman together, they are lost. Pribluda some time, they came across a planet previously unknown to them. They decided to sit on it and explore.

It was truly a Paradise. No comparison with Mars or cold hot Venus. Here was the bright green verdure, the blue sky and the amazing ocean. The rivers were full of fish, forests, birds and animals. They would never have thought that in the world there is such a miracle. Planet so they liked that they decided to stay here. And after a while all the men are from Mars and women from Venus moved to this planet, which they decided to name the Land.

For a long time they lived here happily and peacefully as before. But years passed, generations of people began to forget that they are representatives of different planets. Men don’t understand women and women don’t understand men. They tried to convert each other, they fought. Harmony and peace had left the earth, began the war, burned the city. The era of chaos.

And is still ongoing, although we just need to remember that we are inhabitants of different planets, living by its own laws. And the laws of another planet need to accept and respect.

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