Happy St. Nicholas day!

All year long children. and many adults are waiting for the Christmas holidays! A special thrill children a foretaste of the Feast of St. Nicholas . Of course, the gifts and good mood! Because Nicholas is the patron and protector of children. For their good behavior, hard work. diligence children receive “Nikolas”, so the beginning of winter, usually this happiness for parents, children show the tops of their efforts! All obedient children got tonight gifts under the pillow or in his boot! I hope YOUR kids have not received the cane in the corner! Even adults are imbued with a special atmosphere and sometimes give each other gifts! It is so cute and touching! And You are pleased with your mate a little gift? If not, there’s still time!

A bit of history of the feast of St. Nicholas

A long time ago in Italy, in the city of Myrrh there lived a young man Nicholas. His parents died early, he became a lonely dreamer. One day, he learned that some poor girl will not be able to marry a loved one because she had no dowry. Nicholas had sympathy for her and quietly threw up in her house bag with a decent amount of money. The girl believed in the miracle that helped her to reunite with her lover. Nicholas was immensely happy that he had made good, and understand that doing good is its purpose?

Nicholas had done many good deeds, but always tried to keep his involvement in what is happening in secret. But people were very curious to find out who does good deeds, and tracked him down. When it became known that this magician – Nicholas, who did all these things, not seeking profit, but from the heart, then the people made him their Bishop, and after his death, Nicholas was canonized.

How is the feast of St. Nicholas today?

Saint Nicholas in Russia and in the Orthodox world most esteemed, he named the people of Saint Nicholas. Christians believe that he still performs miracles, helping people, so call it even and miracle worker! In commemoration of St. Nicholas and his good deeds this day also is a day of helping the poor!

Saint Nicholas patron of farmers, traders, explorers, travelers, fishermen, and also protects children and the poor!

The tradition of celebrating St. Nicholas day, and gift giving to children born in Germany. In the tenth century in Cologne Cathedral disciples Church schools were given desserts on the feast of St. Nicholas . then, this tradition has spread throughout the country. The houses began to hang socks or shoes that Nicholas put in the present. Soon, all of Europe have adopted this practice. But the gifts were given only an obedient child, and naughty – whip. But this day is not only a holiday for children! From that day on, people began to prepare for the Yuletide. There was a belief that if you make a wish on the night before the feast of St. Nicholas, the Holy necessarily care about his performance. And You made a wish?

The poems of Saint Nicholas

Night quiet, starry night,

Night and frosty winter,

Night fabulous,

Suddenly the sky color plum

In the field of fire flicker

Racing a miracle! Divo-sleigh!

What is a miracle? Listen here

Sleigh bag of toys!

It is not simple. And the best, bright!

Because toys gifts!

From Saint Nicholas!

Close your eyes, honey.

Audible harness bell…

Opens someone’s door

Oh, and here. I trust, do not trust.

Only in the morning under my pillow

You will find toys

From him, I know!

From Saint Nicholas!

He’s in Europe – Santa Claus,

Here – St. Nicholas,

But whatever the status

With him in the toys don’t play!

All children that the past year

He gift reward,

Parents who didn’t listen

And the whole year was stubborn –

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