Flower battle in Valencia

In July in Valencia is a unique celebration in the midst of a hot summer. A whole month in the parks concerts by local and visiting celebrities, fairs and folk festivals, traditional bullfighting festival and local music bands, it is curious that the festival takes place on the same square Bullring, but specially converted.

Perhaps the most striking is a unique holiday Floral battle that takes place on the last Sunday of July. This is amazing! This is a must see and to participate, to enjoy a Grand bright fragrant and most peaceful battle in the world.

Tickets for the festival are bought in advance. Wanting to get to the festival is huge, and the price is not small – 30 litas . In addition to the ticket attached to the box of flowers . as ammunition for the fight.

The photos show that everything was already prepared for battle, only the audience to take their seats.

For this day is specially grown to about two thousand tons of red-orange carnations, repeating the colors of the Spanish flag. Along the entire length of the alley scattered mountains of fragrant yellow-orange carnations. Next to them are the helpers with shovels and baskets, in which strain the flowers and pour into a passing wagon, sativa fragrant ammunition of all participants. This unique tradition persists for more than 120 years. First flower battle took place in Valencia in 1891 at the Regional exhibition.

The first in the alley, there are typical folklore of a pair of field workers and orange plantations. Horses removed brightly colored blankets. Such elegant images they captured in their paintings world famous Valencian painter of the last century, Joaquin Sorolla.

Then on the main Avenue solemnly passing 35 beautifully decorated with flowers themed crews with elegant Valencian beauties.

There is no limit to the creative imagination of the local floral artists.

Horses also got dressed up for the holiday, they diligently combed bangs and a fluffy mane.

Young participants are seated in carriages separately from adults and their wagon is decorated with children’s favorite characters.

In the two most richly decorated carts sit with their associates main Princess of the holiday and her little helper with her friends. All the beauties are dressed in magnificent folk costumes from Valencian silk . which was famous throughout Europe.

In the hands of a girl holding a badminton racket, to discourage flying at them from all sides flowers. And their lush dressy skirt cover thin transparent polyethylene so as not to stain the expensive silk during the flower of battle.

And it invited participants from castellón in their traditional costumes.

First prizes are awarded for the best original cart, and then the barrage starts fragrant cheerful CEE exact battle. The audience from their seats and begins to pelt the passing carts of flowers and elegant beauties discourage flowers rackets and, in turn, also scatter flowers everywhere. All around filled with laughter, noise, screech, showered from all sides with flowers.

The fun has no limits. All happily excited faces Shine with irrepressible joy. A flower of passion heating up all around!

Helpers with shovels, throw flowers laughing in the audience watching and passing beauties. Flowers rained and rained relentlessly from all sides and soon the whole alley is covered with yellow-orange flowers, and flowers all piled on the heads of the audience, beauties and painted horses pulling carts.

What a gorgeous, fluffy, fancy carpet under your feet!

Oh what scent spilled around, he tickles the nostrils and envelops the entire alley!

All the action takes one hour and the next volley at 9 p.m. informs about the end of the battle. So you do not want to diverge after a great fun filled holiday. Oh, how I want to prolong the moment! Filled with all the pockets and everything scattered flowers, to save another few days the memory of that fragrant bright cheerful evening. Now, if all the wars on earth to replace the flower!

Well, let’s wait for the next Sunny July.

Come to Valencia and You see this miracle with my own eyes. See you soon!

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