Festivals and holidays in Lithuania

Do you want to see traditional folk dances, listen to the modern jazz or to visit the international art exhibition in Lithuania, you can find anything. Mostly cultural life takes place in Vilnius, but this does not mean that in other cities, nothing happens. Information about the cultural life of Lithuania in English can be found


Baptism, Vilnius. Three biblical wise men through the streets of the city, blessing the children and handing out gifts.

Jump in the lake Sartai. Races are held on the frozen lake Sartai near Ateneu. Sometimes races are held in the city of Guestos. The first race held in January. They are participants selected national races, which are held on the first Saturday of February;


Independence day of Lithuania. State holiday in honor of independence is celebrated on February 16 in the entire country. In each region the revival of the Lithuanian state are celebrating in their ownt.

Vilnius book fair. This is the largest annual book fair in the Baltic region. Annually it is visited by more than 50,000 people. The exhibition is held by Lithuanian publishers Association in the center of the “Lit-Expo”


Street fair kazukas, Vilnius. On the first weekend of March is a traditional fair of products of national crafts and crafts, dedicated to the patron Saint of Lithuania Casimir. This tradition for over 400 years. The holiday is celebrated throughout the city

The vernal equinox. The vernal equinox (March 20-21) Lithuanians plant trees and raise the Flag of the Earth


International jazz festival, Kaunas. This is one of the most popular jazz festivals in Europe, which is attended by well-known performers

International dance festival, Vilnius. One of the most interesting festivals in the Baltic States. This is a real festival new Baltic danceIt.


International folklore festival (Skamba, Skamba Kankliai), Vilnius. At the end of may is a festival that brings together folk groups from all over Lithuania and other countries. The concerts take place on the streets of the Old town;


The Vilnius festival. Since 1997, every summer in Vilnius festival. It begins in June and continues throughout July. The festival is attended by well-known performers of classical music. Every year the festival is dedicated to a new theme. Concerts are held at the National theater of Opera and ballet, in the Great courtyard of Vilnius University and Bernardine Church,

The night of Saint John (Jonines). This festival is held on the summer solstice. Everywhere bonfires, sing folk songs and perform pagan rituals;


The annual festival of music in the country style, Visaginas. In the young city of Visaginas (he’s only 30 years) . located near the border with Latvia and Belarus, the international festival of music in the country style that you want to see. The most bizarre event of the year;

Summer music festival St. Christopher, Vilnius. The concerts are performed do of classic and popular Muse key. You can visit with organ concert or listen to jazz;


International jazz festival, Vilnius. Lithuania occupies a prominent place in the world of jazz. It is the oldest annual festival held in Vilnius;


All Saints ‘ Day. All cemeteries in the evening of November 2, light the candles;

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