The thirteenth time November Billboard of St Petersburg is decorated with concerts, exhibitions, literary meetings and conferences have already become a good tradition of the international festival of Russian art «St. Petersburg Autumn». The public North of the capital offer a whole bunch of names and programs — as already known from previous festivals and new. The credo of the festival “Petersburg autumn” — renewal of the Russian tradition and the opposition to the disconnect between people and the arts. Therefore, the festival program combine classical and contemporary writers, practitioners and theorists, professionals and Amateurs, adults and children. This year the festival true to its credo. The children paid attention to «Children’s choir Assembly» November 2, and in a unique project of Natalia’s free to join «Eternal values». Children’s creativity will become the center of public attention of the IV festival of works of young composers of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region «Children write music», which will be held on November 15 and will present the works of the children from 8 schools from St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Peterhof, Sestroretsk, Gatchina. Plenty of space music for children is given in the author’s concerts under the subheading «Creative portrait». This evening is celebrating its 70th anniversary by Russian composer and teacher Mykola Hotuntseva November 9, wonderful children’s teachers and composers Irina Brailovskaya November 16, Yuri Zabudova and Yuri Karaseva 29 November, and the evening bright representative of the great composers of the dynasty Sergei Pleshak November 17. Will be a page of children’s music and in the evening the artistic Director of the festival Mikhail Zhuravlev on November 26. In addition to authoring software audience can enjoy a brilliant performing skills of musicians in St. Petersburg in their solo evenings. This two-Chamber Assembly in the Shemyakin Fund, representing 3 November was the work of a violist Vladimir Bystritsky and 4 November, the creative violinist Natalia Andreeva. Bright event promises to be a literary and musical performance dedicated to the 170th anniversary of M. Mussorgsky, called «Pictures at an exhibition and…». It will take place on 10 November and will bring together on one stage three wonderful pianists of different generations Michael Gates, Andrew Bugrinova and Pauline Mikhailov, as well as great reciter Olga NAP. For many years the festival tradition one evening will be held in Gatchina. This time a guest of the Choir school «April» are pupils of Children’s schools of arts.And.P.Borodin and Petersburg composer Natalia Rusu-Kazulin, who will present their new album «heart to heart». The house of composers from the 8th of November for a month exhibition will be a platform for the exhibition of illustrations to the music performed by the singer and artist Zoe Zhuravleva. Traditionally, the festival will be opened by «Sjostakovitsj reading» and a concert of music by the great Soviet composer 1 November. This program is one of the leading art historians of our city Vladimir Gurevich. The closure of the festival will present to the public the unique opportunity to meet with several Ministers in the performance of the International youth orchestra «Taurian» under Mikhail Golikov. And to hear the brilliant game of a Moscow pianist, winner of countless international competitions Alexey Chernov and to hear him in a different role. The concert will feature the premiere of his «Symphony in three initiations». The entrance to a large part of the festival concerts is free. The prices of tickets for other concerts low and accessible to a very broad segment of the public.

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