Festival “Autumn”

24-25 November at the contemporary arts Center (the former cinema “Surf”) the first part of the International multimedia festival “Autumn #”, dedicated to the latest trends in art and the diversity of contemporary media art.

“Autumn #” – another project Charitable Foundation, Sergey Kuryokhin and younger brother of the legendary “SKIFa”, also focused on new names in the world of experimental art.

However, “# Autumn” bet is placed on the study of the phenomenon of the interaction of culture with modern technology, so the emphasis was on electronic music and video art.

Unfortunately, widely announced the long-awaited arrival of Peter Greenaway to the festival was not held. Famous film Director and theorist of cinema was to speak with his project-NoTV: “VJ Tulse Luper Tour” as a video artist, but, following Greenaway, many other artists, who wanted to come to the festival to including and chat with live classic, refused to participate in the “# Autumn” (for example, contrary to all expectations, did not take place the presentation of the multimedia guru Karl Bartos (ex-“Kraftwerk”) with the project “Dance Cinema”).

The headliner of the first day of the festival was made by a German project, Ron Schneider, “Rraumagent Alpha”, which plays the catchy funk-techno. After the speech the day before (in the group “Mediengruppe Telecommander”) in bourgeois club “Decadence” Ron Schneider, accustomed to performing at major European festivals, finally was in his element. Expressive gestures cables Schneider, which he would have envied Felix Kubin, coupled with a ragged pirate video VJ AntiShanti, ideal for winding the broken rhythms of techno-pop “Rraumagent Alpha”, managed to get some time to pull the audience out of their seats and force her to dance together in front of the stage.

On Saturday afternoon the festival organizers also have saved a few surprises. After half an hour of speeches “Porch Nap” and “Brompton Cocktail” (two projects of the creative Association “Fulldozer”) and ironic psychobiologically readings alternative hip-hoppers “2H Company” brains in the audience has uploaded titled Austrian engineers Billy ROIC and Dieter Kovacic (project “NTSC”), using a self-invented instruments and software. Visuals to sound intellectual Austrians made minimalist panels of moving horizontal lines, made famous media artist Vadim Epstein (VJ Eps).

The notice did not happen. All artists in one voice say that the level of stars who performed at the festival, was on par with many similar European art in review, but in our city, unfortunately, failed to achieve the required driving atmosphere due to the small number of people in the hall. At the press conference of the festival Anastasia Kuryokhin, inspirer “# Autumn”, complained about the problem of the informational vacuum in which the festival because of its format mismatch with many existing media. In addition, some portion of the public is scared enough of the high price of tickets and a post-apocalyptic view of CSR, towering formidable concrete Hulk excavated in the late Middle Avenue (some, quite possibly, never got to “Surf” by becoming mired in the quicksand of the prospectus).

The festival organizers realize that even the most dedicated fans of contemporary art appreciate the comfort (and not collapsing wooden chairs Soviet cinema), so consider the possibility of holding further festivals on modern platforms (for example, in “Lenexpo”), especially as the “# Autumn” really great future.

Speaking of the near future. December 9 will be held the second part of the festival, which will perform all your favorite “Kim and Buran”, “Messer Chups”, “Noises of Russia”, the Austrian “Resonant Nerd” and will show works from the German program of the festival “digital” culture “Transmediale”.

But the Greenway is coming after all. In January.

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