Dance show this spring from the brightest and most positive dance studios

Good tradition for the Studio of modern dance “CityDance” and the Studio school of Arabic dance Vlada Malik began to mark the end of the season spectacular dance show at one of the best sites of the Republic. On stage, KZ “Minsk” played out a veritable feast of dance, music and song.

This event was expected by many, as actors themselves and future audiences: parents, friends, acquaintances and lovers of this art.

Both studios for many years presented a great opportunity for everyone to discover this wonderful world of dance. Studio Vlada Malik specializes in Arab dances, “cityDance” ready to teach you almost all the modern directions! And imagine, all these styles met on the same site… well, it was hot!

In a friendly family atmosphere concert was opened by a real flash mob, which was attended by more than 60 dancers “cityDance”, and the audience, incidentally, also did not remain indifferent. Danced the whole auditorium!

Continued the evening with the youngest learners “cityDance”. The kids showed what they have learned this year. They played such lively dances that the attention of the audience throughout the concert, was sent to the scene in anticipation of other wonders!

Among the kids there were those who came on stage for the first time. There is no doubt that these stars will soon be lit in the international firmament, well, we are proud to remember that once witnessed their debut.

Belly dancing gave way to modern, contemporary – East…

On stage he played the real extravaganza!

Charged hall with furious energy, positive spirit and dance show-ballet “cityDance”. They danced heart, danced with all his soul. By the way, the dancers went on stage repeatedly, showing a vibrant, diverse rooms. Nobody was left indifferent co-production ” Barmaley “, performed by the Children’s Dance Theatre and the show-ballet “cityDance” . The guys played a real performance on stage.

Impressed and reggaeton, which was performed under the direction of Olga Domaszewicz . The girls brought a storm of applause for his dance performance and got the audience!

Along with the beautiful Schoolgirls groups Dividens, Solo latina and latina Mix spectators visited the carnival, met with the African Amazons and went to the shores of Hawaii. Dancers in colourful dresses, with flowers in her hair flitted around the scene as birds of Paradise, reminding us of the coming summer, beach, sun…

Won the hearts of all those present with his stunning voice, Evgeny Slavich . the soloist of the presidential orchestra of the Republic of Belarus.

One of the main heroes of the evening, of course, were the performers of Oriental dance, student studios “cityDance” and Vlada Malik. The head of the Studio of Oriental dance, Vlad Malik, she repeatedly surprised everyone with their vocal and dance numbers. With her student she has prepared a very exciting and interesting number that plunged the viewer into the mysterious atmosphere of tribal, and surprised viewers with interactive under live drums!

Sure that after this concert, even those who never thought to dance in the next academic year will become an apprentice of one of these schools.

Summarizing, we note that, as expected, each worthy event leaves the viewer a lot of emotions and impressions, and this concert was no exception!

All the guys showed their talent and skill, has created an atmosphere of celebration, which is presented to the viewer.

The school year ends, and with it another dance season. Each of the dancers lived in his Studio and had traveled more than once on the floor. Someone just did in the last year, their first dance steps, and someone is already not the first year. Everyone will agree that it is quite a difficult job that takes a lot of time and effort, but we are confident that he brings to you, dear masters of dance, lots of joy! Congratulations on the completion of the season! Thank you for your glowing eyes, smile, always in a great mood and, of course, the unforgettable dancing!

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Dance show this spring from the brightest and most positive dance studios
Good tradition for the Studio of modern dance "CityDance" and the Studio school of Arabic dance Vlada Malik began to mark the end of the season spectacular dance show at…

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