Cheerful birthday

Dear parents! How fast time flies.

So your kid become another year older. Nearing his birthday, moving and inspiring day for any mom.

Want to please baby, give him a gift, to make the most cheerful holiday. But how to be parents a little restless if he doesn’t want to have multiple guests? If he wants to see on your holiday the whole group of the children’s centre or garden, because all the boys without exception – his best friends?

We offer You to make the Birthday of Your kid joyful, bright and unforgettable!

Since childhood, mainly made up of experiences: children the best lay in the memory of the most vivid episodes from their lives.

And because we, as adults, we wish to give the children as many colorful and joyous moments, skrashivaya wonderful gifts and ideas, holidays and everyday life. The most beautiful and happy memories of childhood stay with us for a lifetime.

Kids birthday child in our educational center is :

• Overjoyed children and happy parents

• Organization of children’s holiday. Interesting show program with fantastic heroes in costumes (parents choose the hero and the program)

• Dance program

• Games with the inclusion of adults

• Best experienced animators and clowns

• Spacious hall . easily perform all sorts of outdoor games, relay races and contests.

• A comfortable home environment in a circle of best friends

• Unlimited number of children

• Photo and video (optional)

• Sweet table with blowing out candles

• Fabulous face painting-show ( safe paints children will allow you to paint each other and themselves).

• As a gift to all the kids – awesome animals and flowers out of balloons-designers

• Decoration with balloons

• From 2 to 9 years

• Preferably 2 weeks

• In the spacious hall of the children’s center

• Outdoors, in the garden, at home

Part 1 – movable, there is a lot of games, competitions and Raffles.

Part 2 – solemn( birthday greetings ). unforgettable the moment when Your child feels that he is on holiday the main.

Part 3 – greetings and take-away birthday cake with candles to the music.

Part 4 – dancing, free play ( children play with toys in the center).

5 part – bubble Show


Mickey mouse Star wars

Snow white the Salvation of a Silver planet

Dora the Explorer Holiday wizards

Masha and the Bear The Investigation Of Agent-007

Merry Bee Disco-Party-masquerade

Clown Bully Peter Pan and fairy Ding-Ding

Clown A Lot Of The Mayan Treasure

Visiting Flower fairies Cowboy party

Princess party Pirates “Treasure of the forgotten island”

A fairy tale forest On the island with Robinson Crusoe

Alice in Wonderland in a Fabulous Holiday Kingdom

Visiting Cinderella’s Star Factory

Monster high Hawaiian party “Lambada”

Winx Fairies Batman

Party Barbie Luntik

Fixies spider-Man

Additional services: List of puppets:

Bubble show Luntik crazy frog

Face painting Spongebob Garfield The Cat

The relief balls Mickey mouse Sylvester the cat

Twisting Winnie Pooh Shrek

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