Carnival in Tuscany

We all know that Italians are cheerful and smiling people. Residents of Italy are full of energy and ready to play and have fun most of the time. It is not surprising that the Italians are so fond of to arrange carnivals. I have a feeling that waiting for them, not only for the youngest residents of Italy, but also adults. Department stores costumes any size, color and type.

The carnival in Viareggio

Selection of carnival in Tuscany is quite large. In the beginning, I suggest, to see the biggest, most beautiful and cheerful throughout the region carnivals. Speaking of the Carnival in Viareggio. Viareggio, a coastal town known not only by the length of the pedestrian street. The city is proud of the organization of the carnival in Rio di Janeiro. In addition, it is often compared with him. You can hear that Viareggio “Rio de Janeiro della Toscana”. Winter crowds of tourists and Italians come here to see one of a kind show “on wheels”. The tradition dates back to 1873. Characteristic of the carnival in Viareggio is the fact that the scenes, characters, and all the elements that are part allegorical carts built out of paper, glue, gypsum and water. You need to create their special rooms, often those in which boats are built. Fortunately, a coastal city can’t complain about their absence. Carnival items are prepared throughout the year. This is tedious and time consuming. Every designer wants to build a most beautiful car. They know that the show is popular with tourists from all corners of the region, the country and even from abroad. Allegorical cars themed. Mostly prevalent political issue, sometimes musical and religious.

Carnivals near Pisa

Carnevale dei Ragazzi in Vicopisano – dominated by cars from the most popular characters from children’s films.

Carnevale sąnromanese in San Romano in Garfagnana – except allegorical carts that guarantees fun for children, among other things, they are throwing balls.

Carnevale sąntacrocese in Santa Croce sull’arno is the oldest carnival in the province. The parade consists of inhabitants, divided into four groups(each from a different area of the city): Gli Spensierati, Il Nuovo Astro, La Nuova, La Lupa.

Carnevale bientinese in Bientina – this year were: the train Tom Sylvester the cat and Harry Potter.

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The most famous carnival in the province of Arezzo is one with Foiano della Chiana. It is the oldest festival of its kind in Italy. The city has four huge machines that participate in the competition for the most beautiful car. They must comply with the requirements and rules, written especially for this occasion. First of all, do not exceed the size of 17 meters long, 10 meters wide and 13 meters in height. In addition to the chariots through the streets of the city is a colorful parade of costumed orchestra, to which the audience applaud, throw confetti and dance to music.

Stay in the province of Arezzo, we can go to San Giovanni Valdarno, which is a costume parade, featuring local musical groups, and people waving flags belonging to the respective area.

Carnivals near Siena

Karnaval di San Gimignano, and is held in the picturesque town.

Carnevale Senese – on the main square of Siena.

Carnevale di Monteroni in Monteroni d’arbia.

Carnevale Monteroni di Montanino also called Carnevale (mountain Carnival) in Montepulciano.

Carnevale dei Bambini in Chiusi.

Carnevale dei Quartieri w Buonconvento – carnival of areas in which local Housewives prepare delicious sweets.

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