Brazilian carnival

Carnival was held in Salvador, capital of Bahia, and was quickly spread the holiday atmosphere throughout Brazil.

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro gave the symbolic keys of the city to king Momo dancing and Rio immediately plunged into the most brilliant event on the planet.

This year the carnival in Bahia was dedicated to the world-famous Brazilian writer Jorge Amado, which in 2012 would have turned a hundred years old, and his book “Country carnival”.

Six thousand amazing dancers of the country of the twelve Samba schools compete for the title of best.

This spectacular show live broadcast in one hundred ten countries.

Carnival season continues in Europe. Already coming to the end of the costumed holidays in the German cities of Venice and Italian. However, it is just starting in nice.

At the time of preparation for the carnival, the city has granted 250 thousand jobs. The cost of the Samba schools in preparation for the main dance event exceeded $ 5 million. Another 17.5 million were allocated for the reconstruction of the famous sambadrome, which was built in 1984 under the project of Oscar Niemeyer. Installed a new lighting system and acoustics, increased the number of seats. Now the sambadrome will be able to take up to 72.5 thousand people at a time.

The organizers expect to receive from the carnival to 35 million in revenue. However, the price of one ticket to the sambadrome is from 35 to 320 dollars. The occupancy of hotels in the period of the carnival reaches 94%, while rates increase. Its share of revenue received and other market participants involved in servicing tourists. Manufacturers and sellers of Souvenirs, food service establishments, public transport companies, attractions, etc.

According to statistics, last year the carnival was attended by about 700 thousand tourists.

The most famous Brazilian carnival held in Rio de Janeiro since 1928. Grand opening celebration always takes place on Saturday, seven weeks before Easter. According to tradition, at seven o’clock the mayor of Rio de Janeiro for four days passes the reins to the King of the carnival. In these days of carnival held in all major and small cities of Brazil. The biggest and most spectacular carnivals, except Rio de Janeiro, held in Brazilian cities of são Paulo, Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza.

Brazilian carnival is a vivid feast for the audience, striking endless energy, imagination, entertainment and dancing skills of the participants. Actually, the four days of the carnival – the tense competition of the best of Brazilian Samba schools, and the number of members of the carnival procession in each school ranges from 2 to 5 thousand people.

Carnival in Brazil begins with the symbolic handover of keys to the city from the mayor “king of carnival” and he’s 4 day becomes the master of the city, and also has the power to pass or repeal laws. The main carnival procession takes place on the ground with stands and boxes that are designed to more than 70 thousand spectators. Here the best dance the Samba schools compete in dance and in the originality of the created suits. The procession of thousands of dancers and musicians filling the streets. On the go carts highlighted people, decorated with feathers and sequins, a human figure or a huge puppets, dance elite dancers.

Everywhere, a large number of beauty contests, costume contests, a ball masquerades. Music literally stuns and tighten the power intoxicating sounds of the carnival. Everything shines, flashes and rushing at a furious pace. The sound of music, movement, dance, and give joy are an important part of Brazilian culture.

Ends holiday Parade of Champions, which are determined by the jury. This takes into account the used decorations, theme and spirit of the team.

Carnival in Salvador is considered the biggest carnival in the world – every year it gathers up to 2 million people.

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