An Eventful year for the “Park Kievan Rus”

5 international large-scale events, over 50 theme parties and theatrical action, theatre tours and special events – all this was observed by guests and vacationers “Kievan Rus Park” throughout the year.

The Kievan Rus Park is developing and growing. He is the center of culture of Ancient Russia, as well as the center of its history. Develop new structures of the middle Ages, an increasing number of cultural events, attracting more participants and guests to the international festivals.

As reported by news  in the Park this year, we had five big stocks:

— international festival “Kyiv Rus XIII century” in may,

— international festival “Knights XV century – storming the fortress” in June,

— large-scale festival “the Epics of ancient Kyiv IX – XI century” in August,

— the bright autumn festival “Guests of Ancient Kiev – XV” in September,

— The international archery tournament “Arrow of Ancient Kiev” took place in October.

All these large-scale actions were thematic and reconstructed certain times. In the historical reliability of the reconstructions Park holds a very high level, especially in the reconstruction of the life and style of the era.

The festivals were attended by over 5,000 participants – artists of different genres, musicians, stuntmen and members of historical clubs from Ukraine, close to Belarus, a neighbor of Russia, and also Germany, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Latvia, Moldova, France, the USA and other countries.

Were drawn as the most authoritative historical clubs that were at the origin of the reconstruction movement in the CIS and Europe, and those clubs who have recently became interested in the reconstructed era and has gained experience in the Park of Kievan Rus.

How to write news Ukraine. every weekend in the “Park Kievan Rus” was held themed events: the celebration of a blacksmith, a celebration of rain, day, fashion of the middle ages was held in conjunction with the harvest festival. Also in the Park at the weekend celebrated the day of St. Cyril and Methodius, who are now revered as saints. And also the day of Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir, who became famous for the baptism of Rus. Celebrated Honey Spas, the Kyiv day celebration, independence day of Ukraine, and many other events.

All activities of the Park was accompanied by a specially prepared performances Kievan Rus Park and equestrian theater, medieval master-classes, competitions and entertainment. In the Park there were two tyre, stables, Museum of historical costumes and medieval costume.

In the festival season of 2011, the Park was visited by over 200,000 visitors, including well-known cultural and public figures of Ukraine, and influential people of the CIS countries and Europe.

In addition to thematic historical and cultural events on the territory, in 2011, “the Kievan Rus Park” initiated and participated in other cultural activities.

Also, under the tutelage of “Slavic” Foundation was held a charity event for the glory and the memory of Cyrill and Methodius Slavic enlighteners, in which students of Kyiv and Kyiv region were given free entry to the Park Kievan Rus. In may-November, thanks to the action, the Park was visited by more than 100,000 students.

The Kievan Rus Park this year acted as a partner of many events, including Formula 1 on the water (F1H2O), a charity chess tournament, national youth Leadership conference in Touch, exhibitions”, and many others.

2011 for “Kievan Rus Park” became successful, but this is not going to. The organizers of the Park prepare for your guests in the coming year even more pleasant surprises.

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