10 most interesting summer festivals

Incredible facts

Warm weather and serene nature contribute to large, extravagant celebrations.

If you are planning a vacation this summer, but you lack inspiration, think about how to map out your trip around the best summer festivals in the world.

The themes of the festivals range from the delicious food to the herds of wild bulls, and each has something that may interest you this summer.

Jazz festival Montreux, Switzerland

Despite the fact that jazz is in the spotlight of the jazz Festival of Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival), this year presented here and other genres of music. For music lovers this is one of the best festivals in the world. This festival is held every year in July (1-16 July 2011) and is a wonderful pastime for those who want to experience the atmosphere of music and fun and all this against the background of beautiful Switzerland.

The arts festival Christchurch (The Christchurch Arts Festival) is the best choice for those who want to enjoy a great variety of cultural and artistic attractions. It is held from 4 to 21 auguts 2011. Despite the dominance of local and national talent, there is also often present the works of artists from around the world. Venues are located throughout the city, turning it into a truly unforgettable event.

Although Slovenia for many is away from the beaten track, the Ljubljana festival (Ljubljana Festival) has all chances to become one of the best European tours. This eclectic festival revolves around high culture, including inter alia Opera, theatre, ballet and dance. It runs for almost two months, mainly July and August. The majestic Alps give a special charm to this unforgettable festival.

We have a New year is associated with cold winter evenings. If you want to celebrate the New year in warmth and style, go on new year’s eve party on Copacabana beach in Rio. Summer starts in the New year’s eve, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy the warm summer in January.

Every year in augutsa, Edinburgh is one of the most interesting and exciting festivals in Europe. The Edinburg festival (Edinburgh Festival) is the largest festival in the world and unites a large number of festivals that take place in this time. Within three weeks (from August 12 to September 4, 2011) unbridled festivities you can enjoy a wonderful pastime.

The Burning Man festival (“Burning man”), in the desert of black Rock, Nevada, USA

Bohemian fun and spiritual teachings unfold in full force at the festival Burning Man . which is held every year in the Nevada desert. Since the last Monday of August, people from around the world gather and create a temporary city, and when it ends, all demolished, leaving behind not a single trace. During this event, participants try to get in touch with your inner self and basking in the glow of brotherly love.

The running of the bulls, Pamplona, Spain

Better known as “the Running of the bulls”, this unique event actually takes place during the annual Festival of St. Fermin in Pamplona and is held during the second week of July every year. People from around the world flooded the streets of Pamplona to take part in a kilometer race, and after it’s all over with fun, food and friendly embraces.

The Love Parade, Berlin, Germany

Famous Love Parade (Love Parade) was born in Berlin spontaneously during the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall. The center of this festival has always been a celebration of love and togetherness. Despite the fact that this is not the best in the organizational sense, the festival, it is one of the best expressions of the freedom of spirit. The streets are ruled by Jinks and a great variety of house, techno and other electronic music.

Festival Maine Lobster in Rockland Maine, USA

Maine lobsters are inseparable from each other, and the economy of this state has long been kept on these crustaceans. In the first weeks of August, the Festival Maine Lobster (Maine Lobster Festival)celebrates these delicious sea creatures, turning into an incredible celebration.

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